Dutch OPM reviews MGS4: An emotional, intense, and worthy closure.

DUTCH OPM review
Metal gear solid 4

Graphics: 18/20
Music/Sound: 20/20
Gameplay: 58/60
Overall: 96(same as gta4)

Positive points: Worthy finale of the series, perfect camera, controls and sound, epic storyline, weapons
Negative points: Graphics could be a bit better, story too complex for people who are not into the series

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onewinedangel3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Negative point : the story is so good ,and hey i want ultra mega photot realistic graphs not only mega realistic but super megea ultra dupper realistic lololol
even funnier is the resource that extremely desperate
expect ng2 review to come out of ps3fanboys forums hahahahahah

sonarus3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

MGS4 a dream come true for any MGS4 fan. Kojima will show all these game makers how to tell a story. Its been too damn long since i played a game with a great story. BRING IT

Also they confirm MGS4 has custom soundtracks since you can play music from your hard drive via virtual ipod. :D

Quick question...Why does this game have to be so awesome:|

theKiller3592d ago

try to take away any perfection from a game of their rival console they tend to complain about variety and too good story, they need to play more sport games i guess!!

juuken3592d ago

Lol, complex story.
Still, it's an excellent score.

LJWooly3592d ago

Agreed. I can't wait for this game. If the two low points are a complex story (duh, it's MGS) and the graphics (which look awesome), then I think we can expect great things from this game :D

mmajunkie1233592d ago

complex story? juuken describe mgs series in 1 paragraph please do..
i bet hal the fans of mgs dont even know what the story is about i do..i think its dumb but please you seem like a big fan so describe the story to me

LJWooly3592d ago

What part of the story do you want described for you? There's a lot to it, to put it in one small paragraph would be silly, it would miss the point completely.

jwatt3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Honestly I've enjoyed all mgs games ecspecially part 3 and you know that I didn't fully understand the story, it's crazy.

I seriously didn't know I was playing with a different clone snake untill I got my dvd pre-order for mgs4 where they explained the whole story in a nutshell. I think my example shows that you don't need to fully understand the story to enjoy it.

As long as you know that you have to save the world you should be good.

LJWooly3592d ago

Yeah, you'd be surprised at how many MGS fans there are that don't realise that Naked Snake (Big Boss) from MGS3 is a different Snake to Solid Snake.

I think it was MGS2 that lost the most people in terms of plot. It was mind-beinding at the time, but I can see how some people thought it was a little over-complicated. Once you start paying attention though, you stop feeling confused, and start realising how brilliant the game's storyline really is.

Mr_Kuwabara3592d ago

Lol but jwatt didn't you play MGS1? It clearly stated that Solid Snake was a clone.

Now I would understand if you didn't get MGS2's story at first. I passed it like 30 times to fully grasp the story (and well, I was pretty obsessed with the game in general hehe) at whole.

DarK-SilV3592d ago

wow this is the first time I know snake wes clone

LJWooly3592d ago

Well, at least you know now. It'll save you a lot of confusion come MGS4 :)

Kami3592d ago

im not going to cry, im not going to cry.lets see how emotional this is, i like things that make me cry because nothing makes me cry, well except the anime Elfen lied.

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Mc Fadge3592d ago

I shalln't be disappointed then! :D

I however, have not played ANY of the previous titles, and therefore worry about the second negative criticism, but I will hopefully tag along with it :3

BrianC62343592d ago

I don't get the part about graphics could be better. I don't think they could be. I'm sure there's way too much going on all the time for the graphics to be better. Of course, they could dumb down the game so more power can be used to improve the graphics but why do that? I don't think some people understand when you make a game you have to make design decisions. The PS3 is really powerful but even it can't do everything. If you want to make one area better you probably have to take away from another area. Maybe this is why Kojima made those comments about the PS3. I think some people thought the PS3 could do everything. If MGS4 is redone at the end of the PS3's lifecycle maybe Kojima will know a lot more about the PS3 and be able to improve the graphics. I bet though that MGS4 is the best overall PS3 game so far.

SIX3592d ago

Good sign that this game is equal if not better than GTA.

LJWooly3592d ago

No doubt in my mind that this is indeed better than GTA4. Kojima's never disappointed us before, and since all the previous installments of the franchise have bested the GTA series, I expect no less from this one :)

clintos593592d ago

I mean graphics? This game has way better graphics then GTA4 so wtf is really going on. Not only that they keep saying the story is to complex but they should know this already and we all know MGS4 Graphics and Storyline>>>GTA4 so whats the deduction points for? I still think MGS4 should have got a 10 but hey I guess it just cant be helped when GTA4 has so much hype for it, they have to atleast make the reviews look similar I guess but whatever, this game is going to be the baddest game in the planet, lol. Gears of War who? Nah jk, gears 2 is also going to be bad a$$. I cant wait to get this game though, just 22 more days. :)

BrianC62343592d ago

"I mean graphics? This game has way better graphics then GTA4 so wtf is really going on. Not only that they keep saying the story is to complex but they should know this already and we all know MGS4 Graphics and Storyline>>>GTA4" ;

I guess they had to find a flaw with some part of the game. Can't say it's perfect. Then people would think they aren't good reviewers. I agree though, the graphics will be great and the story isn't too complicated. The whole series has been the same way. I don't think this game was done to get new fans of the series. It was done for everyone who already likes MGS.

v1c1ous3592d ago

if you don't go in mentally prepared for Kojima's confabulated and warp-factor WTF stories, then you shouldn't play MGS series