Joel’s Beard Took 2.5 Weeks to Make, and 9 Other Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About The Last of Us

T1 - How much do you really know about The Last of Us? Do you know what actually inspired the story? That a cameo character from Uncharted 2 played a big role in creating the game? Or how about how long it took to make Joel’s brilliant beard (OK..that’s kind of spoiled in the title)?

No? Then read on and find out! Be warned, story spoilers ahead!

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ABeastNamedTariq1485d ago

Interesting read.

It's surprising that they forgot about the easter egg haha.

alexkoepp1485d ago

2.5 weeks to make a beard? No wonder Sony is aggressively cleaning house trimming all the fat.

Heisenburger1485d ago

You are so clever... Grabbin that low hanging fruit all by yourself.

hay1484d ago

@Heisenburger: Beautiful :D

Baccra171484d ago


He wasn't making a joke?

PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1484d ago

yea they clearly need to clean house despite the 100 plus awards "THE LAST OF US" has won.

ikkokucrisis1483d ago (Edited 1483d ago )

Was that beard created with a real-time facial hair generator engine?

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1485d ago
dp2774071485d ago

Thats not that bad my beard takes a few months to grow a little more oomph.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1485d ago

That's nothing, my beard has been going on 13 years and it still isn't a beard. Lol jk I shave, but I couldn't grow a beard if I didn't shave for 13 years. I just look like patches O'houlihan.

cyclindk1485d ago

Hmm, looks like at least a four or five week beard.. fast bearders they got workin at Naughty

Provolone241485d ago

Naughty Dog is amazing.

They should call themselves Naughty goD.

cyclindk1484d ago

Sounds like a cool mini-game they should make.. you get to play as naughty dog devs :) ultimate pretentious dev self-aggrandizement

assdan1485d ago

So happy they chose to keep the ending. Any other ending would have been so much worse.

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