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The X/X-2 HD bundle makes a very big claim for being one of the best, if not the best, HD bundle there has been to date. What's for sure is that if you enjoyed these games on PS2 you cannot afford to miss this package.

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WalterWJR1516d ago

Can someone please tell me, did the cut scene graphics always look this good or were they redone? They are better than any game to this day 13 years on!

Pozzle1516d ago

DO you mean the FMV cutscenes? I read somewhere that they have been both upscaled and rendered at HD resolution, which explains why they look so good (much prettier than the cutscenes from other HD collections).

youndamie1515d ago

They weren't redone, they were just polished. I remember playing when it came out and was completely taken back by how awesome it looked.

OrangePowerz1515d ago

They would gave probably not redone them, but like movies they most likely mad them higher res in the first place and after that compiles them down for the PS2 DVD and the TVs at that time.

PoSTedUP1515d ago

want this. havent bought a vita game in a lil while. im saving my funds so i can get this, atelier meruru and conceptionII.

Agent_hitman1515d ago

My love Yuna <3 good to see you in HD..

MasterofMagnetism1515d ago

This game is even better than I remember.

HarryMasonHerpderp1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Yeah playing through this right now.
You can tell Squeenix were a completely different developer back in those days. Pushing the hardware and ambition, tiny details in the world and showing us things we had never seen before in a JRPG.
Now all we get is excuses as to why they can't do this or they can't do that, hardware limitations, development times etc etc. I was at the part on the boat where your'e traveling to kilika last night, just walking around looking at the details. The water effects look amazing, Dolphins jumping in and out of the sea, birds flying over your head, tidus's hair and hood blowing in the wind. It really was amazing for it's time. All of these attentions to the graphics and still an awesome story and all of the Final Fantasy staples, great characters,memorable emotional songs,exploration, exciting battle system, cool summons etc. Just reminds me why I used to get excited about these games. *sigh* I hope we get back to the old days where every main Final Fantasy game was brilliant.

MeLoveRamen1515d ago

I have not played a final fantasy game in a long time and i heard x is one of the better ones, and i can't wait to buy this for the vita.

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