The future of DayZ: Dean Hall’s roadmap to 2015 and beyond

“There’s a lot of things DayZ doesn’t do well.”

Even with 1.7 million copies and uncountable millions in revenue, Dean Hall is the first to admit that DayZ, ArmA-mod-turned-standalone-sur vival has problems.

Yes, he’s announced his forthcoming departure from Bohemia Interactive – now a speedily growing multi-studio company – but he’s still the one driving DayZ’s ultimate vision.

“We really do see the community as kind of being our investors,” he said to the auditorium at the Rezzed conference in Birmingham, UK. “We feel an obligation to answer the community concerns. There has been a lot of concerns.”

Most recently these concerns have been related to the most recent updates. Errors in the netcode meant that the game left pretty much unplayable for a large amount of players. Hall took this very seriously.

It’s clear he wants to avoids errors like this at all costs, and it seems to have influenced his roadmap for DayZ, which he revealed exclusively at the conference – not even his team seen a full roadmap.

So, to let you get the jump on even the development team, here’s everything that’s planned for the open world survival sandbox.

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Revvin1449d ago

He's released a roadmap his team hasn't seen?? The sooner he goes and gives up control of Dayz standalone the better. His obsession over small features like dressing your avatar while ignoring glaring gameplay issues like not even being able to set up a camp or use a vehicle like you could in the mod is one of the reasons many players have gone back to the mod version and branches of the mod like Dayz Epoch which is an example of where Dayz could be.

Wizard_King1449d ago

Meanwhile the community is leaps and bounds ahead of the Standalone team, Epoch most notably.

Dean stopped being good for DayZ the day he climbed Mt. Everest.

Anthotis1449d ago

Dean Hall's roadmap leads all the way to the bank, whilst laughing.

Bonerboy1449d ago

Liver and onions. Why the hell are they wasting time implementing all of this extra crap instead of focusing on the broken base issues?! Cheaters, hackers, zombies (sometimes invisible) that run through any and all barriers and spawn on your neck. The shitty god awful collision detection. where does one stop? I know its a alpha but fix this shit first. Jesus.

Revvin1449d ago

It's his obsession with minor details like being able to change your trousers and jacket separately that is killing the standalone. I couldn't care less for clothing, the old system of one whole outfit was fine. In Dayz Epoch I can already fortify buildings, make camps, drive a huge range of vehicles and use a wide variety of guns and yet Dayz Standalone lags behind while Rocket obsesses over the colour of your shoelaces.

From what I've heard from some people in the mod community the glitches with zombies walking through walls, hitting you through walls etc will never be fixed because of fundamental issues with the engine that cannot be fixed in the version of the ARMA engine they are using.

To release a roadmap that's not been discussed and thrashed out with your team is crazy, it's almost like he's setting them up for a fall - he walks away I later in the year, they miss the goals he's set without discussing it with them and he can say "see, it's all gone wrong since I left". I can believe he's pulled the wool over Bohemia's eyes like this and it's incredible that alarm bells didn't sound earlier in their heads when the release of Dayz Standalone happened and it was so far behind the mod version in terms of features and still languishes far behind while the mod community continues to improve the mod version.

mopground1448d ago

its in alpha with a big warning saying DO NOT BUY. we are nothing but testers just like early in the mod when things werent that great but look what that turned into