Chillingo delays scuba diving game in light of Malaysia Air plane crash

"Scuba Diver Adventures was scheduled to go live on the App Store today, but Chillingo has delayed it for at least a month."

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StealthPandemic1452d ago

Do people even notice Chillingo announced a game? Do people even know who Chillingo is?

UnrealThreats1452d ago

I am aware of the mobile developer Chillingo (they make pretty damn good games). But i was not aware that they announced a new game...

MoveTheGlow1452d ago

They do if they were in on the first generation of smartphones. They were huge back then!

imXify1452d ago

It's not like delaying it will change anything..

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WeAreLegion1452d ago

Love Chillingo. I'd love to see them attempt bigger games.

NeoTribe1452d ago

Geez, how am i ever to survive? Was so looking forward to this.....