The Games of April 2014

March Madness 2014 edition was a massive month in gaming, and April serves as something of a reprieve from the craziness, with that said though there are a wide range of titles set to appeal to an equally broad range of gamers. Titles from last month such as Titanfall and Dark Souls II are also arriving on other systems this month (Xbox 360 and PC respectively) and this is set to please a number of other gamers too, but here we present the games of April 2014

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supes_241604d ago

So basically nothing that peaks my interest in April. Oh well, just platinum inFamous SS until free PS+ games hit.

thorstein1604d ago

Child of Light looks pretty cool. And, like you said, the PS+ games: Mercenary Kings on PS4 and Arkham City (which I already own) for PS3.

That should keep me until Watch Dogs: Undowngraded Edition hits ;D

NovusTerminus1604d ago


Really I love these games... and the story to the first two were aweaome. So hyped for this one!

No_Limit1604d ago

I am waiting for Kinect Sports Rival and The Story mode of Kiler Instinct to drop in April.