G2A Deals: Watch Dogs for $33,AC IV: Black Flag for $25, Wolfenstein: The New Order for $37 and more

G2A is back with another of their weekly sales, featured as a PayPal exclusive. The offers are valid for 65 hours and the games come in a form of CD-keys.

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lets_go_gunners1577d ago

This website sounds awesome however it never works for me.

BattleTorn1577d ago

This link is more direct, hopefully it'll work for you

lets_go_gunners1577d ago

I guess it's a NA/Europe only website.

imtheman20131577d ago

Sooooo this basically confirms that Watch_Dogs will, in fact, be using UPlay and not Steam?

micx1577d ago

I'm not sure whether Ubisoft is going to push UPlay that hard, but CD-key sellers are usually selling keys for UPlay.

BattleTorn1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Why is Titanfall Season Pass $28.75, with 10% off???

I thought it was priced at $24.99? (ign source:

Even better, Origin says it's $24.99 (


micx1577d ago

Titanfall Season Pass was always out of line on G2A. But lol anyways.

Soldierone1577d ago

$10 PSN pass for $11. SWEET! :P joking

AnEwGuY1577d ago

Sorry, but I'm not buying a "CD Key". If it's legit, ship me the disk...otherwise, it sounds too sketchy to risk.

Hey, that rhymed. :D

koolaid2511576d ago

it's legit JackFrags uses it check him out on youtube.

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