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Sadly there is a survival horror game in here that was dying to get out, and playing someone with a very limited set of tools while facing hordes of zombies in a flight-or-fight tone might have helped an otherwise bland extension of Dead Rising 3 ...

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Legacy2121545d ago

I gotta agree all 4 dlcs were pretty lack luster. Was not happy knowing I paid for this and got the dlcs I did. Nothing new added and stories were not interesting. Added nothing to an other wise great game

ZombieKiller1545d ago

So far I've paid for 2 different season passes and haven't enjoyed the content at all. I think from now on, I'm not buying a season pass despite what game it is.

I feel like I missed the part where this became so ass backwards. Usually devs release demos to get us to buy, now we are buying before the game content is created. lol makes no sense!

dazzrazz1545d ago

Yep, it doesn't make any sense yet you people are buying it over and over again :P

kingxtreme811545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I've yet to buy these because, based on what I've read about them (what they add and how short they are) the price is far too high.

As I loved Dead Rising 3, though, when the price of the DLC comes (way) down I will buy them. Until then, I shall pass.

Fireseed1545d ago

Glad I passed up on this, loved the game... but I just had this feeling that the DLC would suck given the time frame it was supposed to come out in.

IIC0mPLeXII1545d ago

I feel as if so much effort and time was put into the actual game that the DLC was such an afterthought. The DLCs were terrible honestly, now I plowed through them to 100% the achievements but overall they offered nothing in terms of content or re playability.

justSumDood1545d ago

"...I plowed through them to 100% the achievements but overall they offered nothing in terms of content or re playability."

This whole comment is at odds with itself.

It's new DLC, therefore it DOES add content.
Nothing in terms of replayability? And yet you admit you went back to PLAY DR3 time and time again to 100% the achievements.

IIC0mPLeXII1545d ago

Well yeah. But let me tell you the experience of just doing collectibles over and over again wasn't exactly mind blowing. I wanted to 100% Dead Rising simply because I enjoyed the game tremendously. The DLC was where it fell short, basically turned music on and just did it. Its OCD I wanted the 100% next to the games achievements. Doesn't make up for the fact it was a little annoying doing it.

matrixman921545d ago

the last dlc was good, the others sucked