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"I’m in trouble. My smoke powers are drained and I can’t fire another bolt. My body is taking way too many bullets and pieces of concrete for my fast healing to keep up. My whole world is starting to turn grey. Then I see it: the faint glow of neon coming a that coffee shop window. I dash over, narrowly avoiding the DUP onslaught. Reaching out my hand, I drain the power from the “Open” sign. Now the tables are turned. I’m back, charged and ready to unload. Time to put on a light show the DUP will never forget. Welcome to inFamous: Second Son." - Travis Tucker

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BABY-JEDI1486d ago

Still playing this. The combat is really awesome. I'm really enjoying transversing through the city & attacking the DUP. The destruction never gets old & taking down helicopters is just good fun
; )

Thehyph1486d ago

My opinion, and trying to avoid spoilers:

The second set of powers in the game are the most satisfying of all.

And, to completely aside from spoilers: Holy poop the city is extremely detailed.

This game also manages to minimize the video compression you usually see on remote play. Definitly the best looking game through remote play.

HugoDrax1485d ago

"The second set of powers in the game are the most satisfying of all. "

Definitely! I'm literally at the section when I just received my 3rd powers. Immediately I got bored, and turned the game off. The visuals and colors from the neon powers are just amazing. Anyhow, I'll finish playing this weekend. Then once I get my Vita I'll remote play on my evil play through.

Fasttrack761486d ago

Fantastic game and enjoyed every minute of it, was only 2 hours ago I got the platinum. 10/10 from me

BattleTorn1486d ago

Any tips for those of us that aspire to acquiring that illusive platinum?

thorstein1486d ago

Play twice, once good and once evil.

Bathyj1486d ago

And don't make my mistake. Play once on the hardest level, there a trophy for it.

I'm not a trophy Hunter, never have been, but for whatever reason, this will be my first platinum trophy as I am actually actively seeking it.

I am cleaning all my loose ends on my second play through and I will have every trophy except sadly the one I mentioned since I only played normal not thinking of the platinum when I started.

Oh well. Third play through immanent.

Thehyph1486d ago

Do your first playthough on whichever difficulty you please, using whichever moral choice you please, and clear everything you can.
Do your second playthrough on expert difficulty and on the opposite moral choice.

I'm just finishing my first playthrough playing as good and on normal difficulty. It is possible to get every trophy other than the moral ones and the expert difficulty one in your first playthrough.

Also, nothing is really missable.
I'm no trophy hunter, but I'll get the platinum for this. It seems to be a pretty easy one.

kneon1486d ago

It's likely a bit easier to do your expert playthrough as evil. It's pretty easy to get karmic overload when you're evil.

vickers5001486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

A word of caution for those going for the platinum.

If you have already beaten the game on normal or easy, immediately change your difficulty on the one that you have beaten to expert.

THEN, start a new game for your second playthrough. What this will do is automatically set your new game to expert mode. I looked around some forums for this trophy, and that was the advice given. If you have yet to beat the game, then AS SOON AS YOU CAN, bring up the pause menu (during the point at which you can actually control and move delsin around, you can't access the options menu from the custcenes) and change the difficulty to expert.

Supposedly you MUST change the difficulty to expert BEFORE the first KARMIC CHOICE, or the expert trophy wont count, and even then, I read that some people didn't get the trophy even though they changed the difficulty before the first karmic shift, so beware. You might as well play the game on normal, and preferably with good karma on normal the first time around, as normal/goodkarma is a little bit hard, and this is coming from someone whose beat infamous 1 and 2 three times, and when you do your second playthrough, you'll have already mastered the controls, and expert mode on evil plus the fact that you don't have to hold back at all when killing enemies, will be a breeze.

I actually found my evil expert playthrough MUCH easier than my normal good playthrough.

Just some advice from someone who has platinum'd the game.

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sAVAge_bEaST1486d ago

Nice, Congrats.... I still have to do my second Play .. Evil..

Great game. I concur.

Fasttrack761486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

I done my good playthrough on normal, also done all my collectibles on my good play and once I had my level 5 good karma trophie I went round and done my little clean up on the evil side ie sign twirlers etc so I then could just do the story on evil without worrying about anything else then just before I started new game I changed to expert difficulty and was just one evil b******. Collected about 50 shards just for some upgrades,never really run into any trouble thou at all. Sorry for going on a bit.

mayberry1486d ago

Everyone in my home loves this gasme! I can't get in to play for days now!

shivvy241486d ago

Yeah the game definitely gave me a gasme!

mayberry1486d ago

Mt tablets spell checker.....but you sir, made a funny....