March Forza 5 update brings DLC cars to your garage for free

There are changes afoot in the world of Forza, big changes that mean any DLC vehicles you have purchased will be added to your garage free of any in-game charge.

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Yi-Long1488d ago

... now you will get the cars that you purchased with your REAL money, 'for free' in the game (as in, you don't have to pay for them with additional in-game currency...(!) )

Wow... (!)

This is why I turned my back on Forza and MS. This is a small step back in the right direction, but still, the whole DLC-milking that's been going on with the Forza-games has been completely ridiculous.

I'll stick with my excellent Forza 3 Ultimate Edition.

system221488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

in game currency is just fake money you win from races... settle down. just like its been since forza one. the only difference is if you are impatient and don't have fake in game money you can also use real money. you don't have to. all this is saying is that if you buy DLC cars with real money you don't have to earn them in the game or have it take winnings money to have them in your garage anymore.

Dee_911488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Yea I hate how this franchise is milking dlc now, I personally didn't have a problem with still having to buy the cars in game.I hate starting out with fast cars and a lot of money.I like to work my way up.But at least Forza getting content.. with gt6 all we get is hopes and dreams,let downs and delays so far.
Haha its funny though because I stick with both previous versions of gran turismo and forza.. Hopefully Pcars and assetto corsa will fill my racing simulator void

system221488d ago

love it or hate it, its the way of the future. not just for forza but for pretty much any game. i am with you though about forza getting content. my friend and i both have gt6, f5 and a running joke about how many car packs forza has had to gt6's none in the short time they've been out. if you've got about $20k though I know how a guy who makes some pretty kick ass, proper sims. too rich for my blood but man they are awesome.

Yi-Long1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

@System22: Not MY future. I'll never support this kinda greed, and I'll vote with my wallet.

I'll never pick up a game full-price where we know they'll be DLC-milking it.

I'm a patient guy. I'll wait for a severe price-drop and/or a GOTY edition, IF I'm still interested by then. Like I've always done.

Dee_911488d ago

Its only the future if you allow it to be.I don't mind DLC, but when they are making DLC before the game even goes gold like T10 did with f5.I wont buy any of the DLC ( along with a lot of other forza fans). It is indeed a joke how many car packs forza released in that short amount of time..And the joke is on forza fans unfortunately for buying cars that could have been in the game day one.I can excuse PD for not having DLC for GT6, because they are actually making the cars after the game went gold.What I can't excuse are the delays to features that was suppose to be in the game and the delays to the plans the game had prior to release.
I would rather buy a car and take it to the track than spend $20k for a game lol

MorePowerOfGreen1488d ago

Something tells me no matter what is done, it will be never enough when MSFT's concerned based on your stealthy radical anti MSFT comment history.

Yi-Long1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

You mean my anti MSFT history where I constantly state how I still love the original Xbox and the 360.

My anti MSFT history where I repeatedly stated XBLA being responsible for most of my favourite games last gen!? (Trials, ilomilo, Mark of the Ninja, Super Meat Boy, Defense Grid, etc etc)

My anti-MSFT history where I have often stated how I LOVE Forza? I just don't agree with all the DLC-milking that's been going on with that series, and that greed is the only reason why Forza 3 UE is my last proper Forza game (I did pick up Horizon for 13 euro a few weeks ago...)

When Sony, Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, or any other company displays these kind of actions, you will find me very critical about that as well. Which you would have noticed IF you had actually gone through my comment-history.

I think your bubble-count says all we need to know about your maturity and objectivity.

Dee_911488d ago

Word of advice, when someone essentially calls you a fanboy for having an actual opinion, you should add them to the ignore list.. like I just did.

Meatyboy1488d ago

Ha! Enjoy playing your super duper forza 3 ultimate edition. Value is fun!!

Yi-Long1488d ago

It's still a great game with LOTS of content, so yeah, I enjoy it.

otherZinc1488d ago

@Dan Greenwalt,

A NASCAR car please?

I'm happy with the Formula One cars, but NASCAR is what I'd like.

Forza Motorsport 5 is still fantastic, as I've driven over 5,700 miles.

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GearSkiN1488d ago

After all this year they are just applying this, I've always thought it was dumb that you have to earn credits to unlock the DLC you bought... Very dumb.

Glad that's over with.

Nik_P7571488d ago

Since Forza 5 has less cars and tracks then Forza 4 had I think the first few rounds of DLC should be 100% free.

urwifeminder1488d ago

Have 10 million in the bank so it was not needed but good for new players who want everything now or 1st day , the impatient ones.

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