Best Games Coming Out April 2014

April 2014 promises to deliver a huge diversity of gaming genres and cross-platform titles. Innovation and creativity won’t be forgotten in most of the next-gen release this month. And even if April doesn’t include many AAA releases, there’s still plenty to explore and enjoy.

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ATi_Elite1484d ago

War of the Vikings

sign me up as it should be a big improvement over War of teh Roses.

ColManischewitz1484d ago

This Elder Scrolls fans isn't going into The Elder Scrolls Online.

No_Limit1484d ago

MLB 14 for PS4 is a May 6th release.

NovusTerminus1484d ago

I got nothing this month... so I will get BlazBlue and save back for Watch_Dogs and Drakengard 3.

Senyra1484d ago

Everyone's pretty much waiting for Watch Dogs, it will be one of the ebst games of the year I guess.

NovusTerminus1484d ago

Yeah. But I am more interested In BB and Drakengard... If money gets tighter WD is the first one odd the list.

wonderfulmonkeyman1484d ago

Spider man 2 and shovel knight, for me.
I can't believe so many of these lists ignore great Indie games...

Xristo1484d ago

Can't wait until Sunday for The Elder Scrolls Online head start! Yes, I played the betas and I loved what I played. :)

xPhearR3dx1484d ago

Agreed. Already got my launcher all up to date and ready to play. Now, the wait for Sunday begins.

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The story is too old to be commented.