The Last Of Us on PS4: Pros and Cons

What are the positives and negatives of Naughty Dog releasing The Last Of Us on Sony's new console?

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Hatsune-Miku1577d ago

Pro- it's last of us on ps4. It's going to be flipping amazing and it will look amazing.

Panthers1577d ago

I agree, but it already looked amazing and Ive played it to death. The big CON here is the time and resources it would take Naughty Dog to develop a remake rather than make something new. I am not selling my PS3 or TLoU so I would rather see something new.

kneon1577d ago

Except they would likely contract out the ps4 port rather than doing it themselves. Their talents are too valuable to waste on a porting job.

ikkokucrisis1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

I can think of one con:
- I'm going to be $60 poorer :((

ArchangelMike1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I just hope they integrate the Infected into more of the combat ala Left Behind. Yeah, it would invovle alot of gameplay balancing and tweaking, but it would definitely add a fresh take on the game.

Oh yeah and if they also increase the player count in Multiplayer to like 24 (12v12), it would need bigger versions of the maps Obviously.

Basically I'm hoping they don't just do a straight port. Tomb Raider:DE got heavily criticized for that.

RobAlmighty1577d ago

I do not see any cons about this. I would love a PS4 TLOU. I hate not having party chat on my ps3.

chrissx1577d ago

I would buy day 1 last of us on Ps4,life

BABY-JEDI1577d ago

The Last Of Us on the PS4
The pro's it will be brilliant!
The con's it will be brilliant!
Everybody a winner then
; D

BX811577d ago

One of my top 3 but I already played it so I don't feel the need to buy it again. I'm sure it'll sell well on the ps4. Excellent game.

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The story is too old to be commented.