Pre-Rendered Trailers vs Gameplay Trailers

OnlySP: Adam returns this week with the second episode of OnlySP Chat. This week the discussion is based around pre-rendered trailers vs gameplay trailers where Adam discusses the pros and cons of each. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to give Adam some feedback to help him improve future episodes of OnlySP Chat.

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ATi_Elite1607d ago

Like Dice said

"if you are going to show your game then SHOW YOUR GAME"

at this point it should be ALL about Real-time gameplay commercials.

So instead of working long hours on a Pre-Rendered commercial how about you work more on the game we are gonna buy.

if you are too embarrassed to show real-time footage then I'm too embarrassed to buy it.

PockyKing1607d ago

Not that Dead Island is a bad game in the slightest, but that first trailer still rubs me wrong in what I was expecting from the game.

porkChop1607d ago

It was just blatant false advertising. That trailer promised such an emotional, fresh take on a zombie game, and the game we got was nothing like that at all.