Insider gets called out by drive club Director; apologizes, gets lifetime ban by neogaf founder

fauxbuzz-As a result of this famousmortmier has apologized to Col on twitter and declared on his twitter that he is no longer an insider, and has subsequently been banned as a neogaf member.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

lmaoo hanging up his boots so soon

question. i signed up to neogaf like 2 moths ago and have yet to be accepted why is that? i cant post or do much on the site

Christopher1456d ago

They have some specific requirements for accepting new accounts. This likely means either A) you have not been accepted or B) you're on the bottom of the list of acceptable users and you have a while to go.

Sethry1011456d ago

Well done Neogaf, glad to see they are maintaining the rules and morals. And glad to see that liar band.

Panthers1456d ago

Neogaf bans a lot of people but it keeps it from being like this site (extreme fanboyism)

AliTheSnake11456d ago

I signed up two years ago with my college email, just got accepted last week.

ABizzel11456d ago

Yeah it takes a while.

In other news I'm in the PLayStation Now beta, so check your emails and see if you have one

morganfell1456d ago

"Neogaf bans a lot of people but it keeps it from being like this site (extreme fanboyism)"

I post there quite a bit.And at least you can call someone an idiot or worse and not have your comment marked as trolling.

NewMonday1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

"insider" information is never 100% accurate but it is part of the news in any industry or subject, without it all we have are official press releases.

the info Dod leaked about SSM is too specific, over 75 million spent and the project restarted 3 times, Stig being offered an art lead role but rejecting and quitting.

he mixed in speculation about DriveClub and that was a mistake and he admitted it and apologized, something IGN didn't do when they claimed Amy was forced out by Druckerman and Starly after that ND and even Amy denied that but still no apology from IGN, maybe GAFrs her should demand the sit should get banned from NeoGAF

minimur121455d ago

Paid emails get priority, so emails like [email protected] is going to be accepted quicker than

nukeitall1455d ago


"Neogaf bans a lot of people but it keeps it from being like this site (extreme fanboyism)"

except when the whole site itself is biased!

When was the ban of mortimer with all the BS other insider information about MS?

but hey, one wrong move with Sony and he gets an instant ban!!!

neogaf should be called neoplaystation!

Redempteur1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )


You're not looking then.
Several people have been banned in MS topics on neogaf and even CBOAT was considered to be banned because titanfall devs called him out ... and then it turn out that the insider was right.

It just show that everyone can be banned on neogaf if they post false information and that applies to everyone ..even some mods lost their status when they not behaving properly .
neogaf haters are so quick to forget that everyone is under the ban-hammer once they screw -up.
But we know that most of the neogaf haters are people getting banned because they didn't follow the rules.

DigitalRaptor1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

@ nukeitall

Your own biases override your convictions and conspiracy theories.

If NeoGaf was SO biased towards PlayStation and Sony, then why did more NINTENDO games make it into the community GOTY awards top 20? Not just 2 or 3 more Nintendo exclusives than Sony exclusives, but over double the number of games.

Just cause people don't like MS and have serious problems with the way they conduct business and treat their consumers, doesn't mean they are all biased towards a specific other company. But to you and your cronies, that's exactly the opposite. You all have such insecure victim complex these days.

MorePowerOfGreen1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Hope we get "Thuway" next assuming they're different people from CBOAT and Morta

Baka-akaB1455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

Dont you guys get tired of trying to push the "sonygaf" angle ? Especially dubious coming for a completely biased poster .

When the output of news keeps being bad for one side , what the hell do you expect ? Some will be objective news , some will be BS and made up, and some will be rumors , it's the nature of such momentum

Or are you going to pretend many gaf users and posters werent criticizing and attacking the ps3 the first years ?

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xHeavYx1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Now if we could permanently ban that website (which I won't name for obvious reasons) that post every little "insider tip" in here.
Glad that this "insider" was discredited and called out

abzdine1456d ago

Col left in february already, nothing to do with the recent lay offs.

Septic1456d ago

How many times did I say this guy chats so much nonsense? Glad he got banned.

Thoughts go out to Rogers' son. Really hope he recovers soon. It must be heart-rending havinga 4 year old son with a life-threatening condition.

Prayers go out to him.

And guys, let's take all these so-called insider rumours with a pinch of salt from now on. This Dodd guy has stirred quite a lot of nonsense on here along with others in a desperate attempt to get some e-fame. Let's set the standard, at least here on N4G, to be rightfully critical of baseless claims.

Nuff love all <3

PockyKing1456d ago

Ha, "he who shall not be named" comes to mind on that one xHeavYx ;P

But yea, that ONE site or poster I should say is paving the way for other smaller sites to report that insider info. I feel like the majority of the hottest headlines here have been Insider related for the past couple months.

Thuway gets his tweets reported on if he says "goodmorning" as insider info. It's ridiculous and needs to stop. Rumors are supposed to have some actual evidence behind them, ie, Kotaku's leaked images of Unity, which were unconfirmed at the time. That's a rumor, not Ashan Rasheed says PS4 is going to have good games this year.

Septic1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Wait guys, are you talking about this?

I like Abriael but yeah this was a bit of an issue for me.

xHeavYx1456d ago

"An image is worth a thousand words"

Sevir1456d ago

To be Fair, Abriael always says in his "insider" reports that this news should be taken with a grain of salt... Dualshockers isn't the only Website that reports on insider news! Kotaku and Eurogamer as well as GI report on NGAF stuff... All Dualshockers does is bring it to our attention.

notyobizhwispndmymny1456d ago

I'll say it. Dualshockers!!!!!!

metalmatters1456d ago

DualShockers were only reporting, and I personally like rumors, it keeps things interesting. Rumors and not confirmations anyway so once they get cleared thats it end of story

No_Limit1456d ago


Dude, I don't want to call you out but you are part of the problem when Abriael submitted these insiders rumors and you were one of the many that approved those stories and actually made comments on them and supported it. Now, you are going to do a 180 and turned against him after one of his insider got the boot? WTF, man?
After the Layoffs Sony is Now Working on Hiring Again; Insider Explains What Happened
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Comment: xHeavYx + 1d 5h ago
Wow, Stig spent $100M on a game that failed? No wonder he was kicked out

nypifisel1455d ago

Famousmortimer wasn't really an insider, he just knew a few people in the industry that he had more casual talks to. He heard some office gossip and foolishly talked about it on neogaf. Don't be too hard on him. He have dropped some major things before that turned out to be true.

Pogmathoin1455d ago

N4G division of Sony Defence Force gone into full damage control mode.... Which means backstabbing those they always backed. The likes of Xheavy, dedicated and Abreal have always put full support behind stories that shed a good light on Sony, while making sure other damning stories never see the light of day.... All of us that have one bubble is because these people actually form together and organize who to vote down, nice when you do not have nothing else to do in life.... See it for what it is, I do not care regardless. Best wishes to stig and hopefully his son gets well.....

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SaxScrotumz1456d ago

It can take a few months to get accepted.

sorane1456d ago

Took me over 6 months after I had signed up for to be accepted. It's basically just a waiting game for gaf registration. I've heard stories of it being much shorter and much longer than my wait so all I can say is be very very patient and it'll happen eventually.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1456d ago

Why the hell do you have to pay for Neogaf ? That's dumb and a waste of money. Unless you're rich as hell.

MRMagoo1231456d ago

pay for neogaf ? what are you talking about prince ?

its_JEFF1456d ago

Gaf is a... very unique place with very unique rules. I was accepted and I was actually able to post after a month or so.

I was only a Junior member... when I got banned, for posting a gif. Apparently if you just reply with a gif and you're a only a Junior member that is a bannable offense. Maybe I should have read those terms a little better :D

p.s. I thought it was a funny gif and summed up exactly what i was thinking LOL

showtimefolks1456d ago

i hope your son heals 100% and can live healthy long life

Baccra171456d ago

Because the entitled jackasses that run that site take their sweet time to do anything because they can do anything they want.

You're better off just voicing your opinion here and spectating on Gaf if need be.

larrysdirtydrawss1456d ago

i signed up there about 4 years ago(seriously), stiff haven't gotten in.. and the username I chosen wasn't a bad/fanboy name or offensive at all,just a huge waiting list.

lameguy1456d ago

Neogaf is a cesspool and a joke spared only by the very rare gem that comes out of it. One of the first sentences on their front page reads: This is a neutral ground where facts and evidence, presented within the confines of civil, inclusive discourse, prevail through careful moderation.

That is a hilarious lie! :)

Back-to-Back1456d ago

Glad to see mortimer gone. He is a parasite in the gaming industry. GAF Insider my ass. All that he was, is a armchair journalist.

sjaakiejj1456d ago

It took like 2 months for me to get accepted, and that lasted about 2 weeks until I got banned lol. Mods on Neogaf can ban you for simply disagreeing with you, so you have to be really careful on the site.

TruthInsider 1456d ago

That's nothing, I've been waiting 5 months!

ITPython1455d ago

Pete must have had some kind of beef with Col to say such things, either that or it was just a grab for that 15 mins of fame hoping Col would not call him on it.

Kinda sad how easily somebody's reputation can be slandered and sullied thanks to the internet. And even more sad that somebody has to prove their innocence, otherwise their rep may be permanently damaged. It's like some backwards court, which says that somebody is guilty until proven innocent.

Export1455d ago

Dont sweat it , Its about 3 month waiting period to get in there .

Blaze9291455d ago (Edited 1455d ago )

smh I tried to tell people to stop listening to these insiders:

got hit with 32 disagrees. rofl

TheTrooper1455d ago

@NukeItAll Just shut the hell up.

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Team_Litt1456d ago

Cboat gone, now famousmortimer has hit the proverbial road as well "D good riddance. Now "journalists" will have to rely on journalism for their hit baiting headlines. This is fantastic news.


TheTowelBoy1456d ago

He just got LITT up lol love that show.

Lawboy21456d ago

My favorite show on tv

Flutterby1456d ago

Most "journalists" talk crap anyway and considering they can be easily bought you basically can't trust anyone.

Eonjay1456d ago

So then all we have is official press releases.

porkChop1456d ago

Thuway has been pretty good so far though. And he makes it very clear when he's talking facts and when he's just saying what he *thinks*. He's not like Pete Dodd who often passes his thoughts off as facts. As far as insiders go Thuway is one of the better ones, so I don't think he needs to go.

Cryptcuzz1456d ago

Yes, for his recent misinformation, good riddance indeed. As for Cboat, what happened there? Must have missed it.

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Jay70sgamer1456d ago

Lol lol so much for the "insiders"...peter Dodd lied on this dude and got called him out for it...lets see how the spinners try to spin this......lets see what dual shockers have to say about that ...they always spin stories for Sony in a favorable way lol

Flutterby1456d ago

Well it doesn't need spinning really because it now confirms that these people aren't getting sacked like the doomsayers where making it out to be , they are leaving for personal reasons or moving onto better things. So it at least puts that bs to bed.

Jay70sgamer1456d ago

That does not confirm anything just showed his situation had nothing to do with anything with him being incompetent and it was his sons illness .....that's just one exec situation it does not have anything to do with the others resigning ,leaving or forced to leave .....I see you are trying to spin things as to one situation having to do with others situation ..just saying

MRMagoo1231456d ago

there has been more than one person that has left that have said they left to go onto bigger things or left because they where not happy. So it seems to me like you are trying to spin facts jay70sgamer. All that happened was ppl left companies and it wasnt even in a short space of time either one of the ppl that keep getting brought up left in december, others left in january some where fired in january, some of the ppl wherent even full time employed but just temps for certain projects.

Trying to make this into something that matters is spinning it , realising that this is normal for any business is keeping it real, stop trying to pretend that it matters.

Jay70sgamer1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@Mrmagoo what are you talking about people left in December ...have you been paying attention to the latest news the creative director for naughty dog Amy Hennig,and justin Richmond game director both left this month ...the latter a couple of days ago so what the hell are you talking about months ago ...also the god of war and infamous second son director left this month before the game was released and the CEO of Sony America jack tretton left plus thousands of layoffs this month ..please do me a favor if you are gonna comment and be a fanboy know what you are talking about ...just saying that's me spinning things ..stop being a fanboy and be a gamer ...that enjoys all games on all consoles ..take your fanboy glasses off ..just saying are the one that sounds like Peter Dodd not me trying to spin reality lol

Flutterby1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Maybe you should read up on the articles again jay cos it seems you are wrong again, nice spin tho huh. You seem to completely ignore the fact it wasn't all this month , the articles may have been this month but the people left in different months. I'm done with you anyway , you are just one of those fanboys that like to make something out of nothing just so you have something to complain about. Have a good day at school.

Jay70sgamer1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

@Flutterby ...the Internet is your friend use it ....march 6 Sony and jack tretton announces his resignation on March 31 .......Amy Hennig(creative director) march 3 Last day at naughty dog.....march 25 justin Richmond (director) for naughty dog leaves....march 25 3 UK studios layoff hundreds of workers , infamous second son director left company before game release march. 21 ......see reading and looking up information before knowing what your are talking about makes a lot of sense use it .....know what you are talking about before you write something before you make a fool out of yourself just saying lol......isn't all these things that happened was in the month of march "genius"......stop spinning things ...or you might get dizzy lol and fanboy of who I never said I didn't like nintendo ,Sony or Microsoft ...stop "Ass"uming fanboy ...I'm a gamer all games on all systems lol just saying ....I see why you only have 3 bubbles lol

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christocolus1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago ) insider down...3 more to go.

Skate-AK1456d ago

2 of them are Thurway and CBOAT. Not sure who the 3rd is.