Oscar Needs Just $2,400 More to Start Changing How Games are Made

Hardcore Gamer: Using the same process he used to make a solid competitive RTS, he's planning to construct an emotionally resonant game in the vein of Limbo and Journey. It sounds crazy on paper, but despite his soft-spoken demeanor, when Josh talks about it you can't help buying into his enthusiasm.

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ValKilmer1396d ago

Wow, I hope y'all support this. Looks awesome.

ATi_Elite1396d ago

Val! Where you been man?

Your part in Tombstone should have earned you an Oscar but after that and HEAT you haven't been displaying the high caliber acting skills we know you can display.

Sooooo what's up wit that?

ValKilmer1396d ago

Excuse me sir, but have you not seen MacGruber? I rest my case.

Heisenburger1396d ago

Lol I went and saw MacGruber once I knew Val Kilmer was in it.

Take it easy Iceman!

ATi_Elite1396d ago

Call FACEBOOK they got money to BURN!