5 hidden costs of game consoles

You've scrimped and saved, skipping lunches and selling old games on eBay, and now, finally, you've got the $400 or $500 you need for a next-generation console.

But despite what the price tag might say, that's not quite enough. In fact, it's not even close.

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xHeavYx1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Somebody needs to tell the writer that PS+ costs $50 a year, not $60. Same issue with the camera, the official price is $60, not $70 like the article says.
Otherwise I think it's a fair list, I don't agree too much with the "helpful hardware" and "hard drives" though

darthv721549d ago

in all my years, I have been telling people this isnt a cheap hobby to get into. But well worth it if you do. Plenty of satisfaction from the hardware to the games and the friends you meet along the way.

Honestly, I havent been disappointed by a platform in my collection. Well maybe the jaguar but thats because my cd drive is dead and its $$$ to get a replacement..

DualWielding1549d ago

consoles are a bit more expensive now but in general gaming is cheaper than it was in the past with options like buying used on ebay, programs like ps+ and digital sales... who wouldn't wish those were around in the SNES era...

and that's the console side, on the pc side Steam has made games cheaper than ever (so cheap in fact that some people even prefer just buying on a steam sales than pirating)

minimur121549d ago

Also voice commands can be done with the headset that come with it, you don't need the camera for it,

yeahokchief1549d ago

It all depends on how patient you are.

If you are willing to wait, it's a very cost effective hobby. For example, you could buy a PS3 right now and have a vast, vast selection of sub $10 games along with a harddrive that will store prettymuch everything you need. PS+ alone gives you more than you could possibly play.

That said, if you want the latest games then that is when it starts getting expensive if you are not shopping around for the deals.

fenome1549d ago

Especially since the 'hidden costs' that they mention are all pretty much optional. You might as well include the fact that you have to actually purchase games to play them as a 'hidden cost' as well. It's totally redundant.

Calling Netflix and other subscrption-based SOFTWARE 'helpful hardware', are you kidding right now? I don't even care if they were trying to use them as a segway to talk about a remote control, they should have just stacked them as another bullet-point on the subscription fee list.

Why would you include a bunch of software under a hardware section just to try to make a claim of buying a totally unnecessary remote control as a 'hidden fee'? Lmao

1549d ago
isarai1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Not exactly a "hidden" cost when it's things that are completely optional. That's like saying seat covers and new rims are hidden costs of owning a car. though batteries are not optional really (even though only one of the 3 uses them) and online is only optional to an extent

level 3601549d ago

Don't forget broadband data usage.

You need to top it off especially if your that type who buys a lot of digital games/contents.

Geekman1549d ago

PS4! Only 399! (Plus 60 bucks for the games, 50 bucks for online play, another 50 bucks for the second controller, and another 60 bucks if you want the PSEye.

Consumer: I'll pass.

Wii U! Only 299! (Plus 60 bucks for the games, another 6\50 bucks for the controllers. You don't have to pay for online, but most games don't use online play anyway. #Nintendo Redirect.)

Consumer: Yeah..... I'll pass.

Xbox One! Only 499!

Consumer: Yeah, stop. Stop. I'll pass. I'm not paying that much money to begin win.

isarai1549d ago

still don't get why everyone like to just toss in "extra controller" and "PS eye" into the mix, most people don't and wont buy either and it's not like it's required

PotatoClock1549d ago

Extra controllers are not required, but I've not met any gamers who don't have an extra. It may not be when they first get the console but eventually they'll get a game that they want to play with a friend or friends.

You're not letting your console live up to its potential if you only have one controller.

Summons751549d ago

I understand the pseye not being required and for the most part useless but a second controller can come in handy for local coop/multiplayer or you can do what I do and use a controller until the charge is so drained it won't turn on than switch controllers.

1549d ago
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