Must-have accessories for your PS4 controller

PS4Daily: "With all the improvements to the DualShock 4, Sony has a real winner on their hands, but there’s still a few things that can be done to customize the controller to your liking"

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overlordror1519d ago

Haven't had the analog sticks wear off my controller, but some extra grip would be nice.

kazuma9991519d ago

The grip is well worth it it feels so nice.

christrules00411519d ago

I've torn the bottom off of the rubber part on the analog stick I've used it so much. The part underneith it can really hurt your thumbs though. =(

Rearden1519d ago

I always kinda liked the DualShock 3 more. DS4 ventured away from the classic controller style that we've known for 20 years...

MAULxx1519d ago

None of these are "must haves". Very much optional and not really needed.