PlayStation Store EA Flash Sale Starts Now

By Chien Chen: "Hi everyone! March is almost over and time is flying by. Take a break this weekend and grab some great PS3 games from EA at up to 75% off. The Flash Sale starts right now and ends on Monday, March 31st at 12:00 p.m. Pacific"

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Majin-vegeta1572d ago

Is BF4 on sale for the PS4 also or are these jsut for PS3??

xHeavYx1572d ago

Not 100% sure, but the post says "grab some great PS3 game"

BattleTorn1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I want to believe they're only for PS3, cause I went and bought NFS:R PS4 today.
Comments revealed, PS3-only.

Soldierone1572d ago

Signed in to check, they are all only PS3....

Skate-AK1572d ago

You can buy BF4 on PS3 and then upgrade for $10. You have to hurry though. The deal ends today.

Back-to-Back1572d ago

Its ps3. You can then upgrade for $10 to ps4. Not much of a deal.

antz11041572d ago

Those aren't really great deals......meh.

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VulgarCynic1572d ago

If not, there's still time to purchase the PS3-PS4 upgrade.

brightlight1572d ago

that'd be a stretch ... but hey go ahead!

nunley331572d ago

On the blog post ea says you can do this but the deal ends today.

Clover9041572d ago

All sales are for the ps3. says that the Battlefield 4 $10 upgrade plan is unavailable.

nunley331572d ago

It is available says EA on the blog post but it ends today,hurry!

cee7731572d ago

Its unavailable until you buy the game.

fattyuk1572d ago

Tempted to buy a US voucher and get Alice madness returns!

I'm from the uk

harrisk9541572d ago

Does anyone have any feedback on if Alice: Madness Returns is worth the $10? It is a game I've always wanted to try!

Soldierone1572d ago

it is to me. I enjoyed the dark natured story and I'm a fan of Alice stories, so McGee makes Alice fun!

The Gameplay is a little dated, but thats it.

robtion1571d ago

It is an awesome game worth far more than 10 dollars. Definitely give it a try. Great art design and characters/enemies, heaps of exploration, fun gameplay. One of my favourite games of last gen, my first platinum.

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The story is too old to be commented.