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IGN - Which era of Metroid games comes out on top?

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DryBoneKoopa851543d ago

My vote is for a new 2D Metroid. Like Jose said, Retro nailed it the first time with Metroid Prime. With Retro taking time to focus on 2D lately with Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze I would like to think that it was a warm up to a solid new take on a 2D Metroid game.

Like they all said, in the end if its a new 2D or 3D Metroid game I will be totally pumped and excited to play it!

Chrischi19881543d ago

If Nintendo thinks it can feed its fans with just 2D games, then no wonders Nintendo doing so bad with its "home console" right now. I would expect such things for its handhelds. 2D Donkey Kong, barely 3D Mario, 2D Mario, there are enough plattformers, we get enough Indie plattformers. I know many love the 2D Metroid, I am not saying, they should not do them, I am just saying, that they should do both and not only 2D.

Realplaya1542d ago

You have no say in what they do you don't own a Wii U. Go buy one then come back and demand certain games from Nintendo.

Chrischi19881542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Shut it, I own a Wii U from day one and anyone on this board in the Wii U Area knows me for one of the biggest Wii U defenders, but this doesnt mean I am blind and take every shit, especially from somebody like you. New to this board? Obviously, or you wouldnt say such a thing.

Benjaminkno1542d ago

Boo... why would you think that making the first 2d Metroid home console game in 25 years wouldn't be groundbreaking?

Super Metroid is still one of the best games ever.

I would pay good money to play a "decent" 2d Metroid game 3x that size. Are you serious?

Chrischi19881542d ago

I said, why cant we have both... why do you guys put words in my mouth and insult me for it? I did not say I dont want 2D Metroid, I said, I want both and I would think it is a step back, if they release only 2D games for their home console, buuuhuuu, so bad.

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BelkingOfSony1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

super metroid destroys any other metroid game. 2D metroid > 3D metroid.

@Allsystemgamer - metroid prime was great imo, and so was metroid fusion, but super metroid is imo the greatest game i've ever played.

Allsystemgamer1543d ago

Oh come on metroid prime is absolutely amazing

randomass1711543d ago

I like Prime more than Super, but I like Prime and Super WAY more than Other M.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1543d ago

I hope 3DS gets a new Metroid game. I highly doubt it tho.

TheSsus1543d ago

I know I'll get disagrees, but IMO 3D Metroid > 2D Metroid. 2D can never achieve the level of immersion that the Prime series had.You actually felt the isolation. Though 2D had more iconic Bosses (Mother Brain, Kraid and the sort). By the way, when I say 3D Metroid I exclude Other M, that game was just terrible.

higgins781543d ago

Other M gets such a bad rap, in my opinion only because it's in the company of such greatness, otherwise it was a good/very good Metroid game.

Picnic1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I never played the 2D Metroid games and I never wanted to. The only thing I've ever liked where someone's in a spacesuit is the Alien series of films. Why? Because it's not really about space. It's about complacent humans being shown their own greed. It's a twist on the old haunted house murder mystery idea where people are picked off. The difference is that everyone knows the culprit but even all staying together would be no guarantee of safety because it's non-human and can't be reasoned with, can't be bought.

So I got a bit of a sense of that from the first Metroid Prime game. They could have called it Aliens really.

I played MP2: Echoes for a short while and felt that it had lost what I found interesting about the first game. Echoes was a sci-fi game, it wasn't one where the mystery of the level design or art direction was giving me a feeling of specialness.

I liked the first MP game on the Cube because it was more or less like playing Resident Evil crossed with Banjo Kazooie type upgrading.

It was the fact that the sci-fi was downplayed that endeared it to be. The synhthy music, the ice and fire worlds just like a Mario or Zelda game.

I doubt I'll ever feel the need to play another Metroid game. It can't add to what the first 3D one did for me without overdoing it. Only a reboot , a remimagining of the first Metroid Prime game but with different puzzles and extra rooms or an extra level would probably satisfy me. but I stress- it's not about being a sci-fi game for me. Maybe it is for you but, if it is, I bet there are other sci-fi games you prefer much more. In which case you are not a primary Metroid Prime fan. MP is about superb level design, puzzles, atmosphere, and music. The sci-fi is secondary.

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