GameStop Will Never Get Why You Hate Them

CCC Says: "Someone should probably tell GameStop that if you stand in the way of a moving train, you’re not going to stop it, you’re just going to get run over. This particular train’s name is called “digital,” and its barreling full-steam down the track. GameStop on the other hand is still struggling to jump onboard, as it speeds past them. Naturally, with a trend like dumping physical media in lieu of virtual content taking hold, a brick and mortar store like GameStop begins to get a bit nervous about its future. It will take a serious course correction for them to stay afloat, as they have no choice but to evolve. Changing with the times is the only thing that will allow them to continue on as a viable business."

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thorstein1573d ago

I actually quite enjoy Gamestop because the people that work there know me. They always have a smile on my face and are knowledgeable about the games in their store.

It is important for me to be able to go in and share my love for RPGs and JRPGs and have a conversation about which are best and what forgotten gems I have missed.

So, no, they won't get why because I don't.

aLucidMind1573d ago

Same here. I have been in some GameStops where the employees are trash but most I've been in have been very helpful. I'm one of those gamers that go in, ask for game suggestions, and wind up going "already got it" on more than 3/4 of their suggestions lol. Never have I gotten an associate that was annoyed by this; in fact, it pushes them to point at the hidden gems or sell me on the games that most don't bother with.

Never would have tried Mass Effect, The Darkness, Divinity 2, or a large number of other games I loved but wouldn't have touched without urging if it weren't for people at my GameStop.

As for the trade-in value; I don't care. If less traded their games in then the value would increase, so the customer only has their self to blame. Plus, I don't trade in games as I see it as a largely pointless thing to do unless you do not enjoy the game at all.