Mind = Zero Gets a Release Date

Aksys Games has revealed the release date on this new PS Vita JRPG.

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leahcim1456d ago

great addition to the Vita library!

3-4-51456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Why do 95% of japanese RPG games have to do with Spirits or "other forms", type of BS.

* Why can't the character do the fighting ? Why does he/she always have to mix with a spirit or something, it's just do bland and boring and it's all been done before in basically the same way.

* Let me guess, it's in a school setting too right?

Didn't see that one coming.

I like the art style a lot but WHY IS JAPAN OBSESSED WITH SPIRITS & DEMONS.

Literally every other game has spirits or demons, it's just weird.

Can they not come up with ANY other idea ?

K not hating on this game, it looks ok, but I needed to vent.

Within the next 6 month there will be like 5-6 more games pretty much exactly like this, most likely for a Playstation platform.

* Love my Vita, but prob not getting this game. I hope those of you who do buy it, really like it though.

manasteel881456d ago

Japanese religion was multitheistic society for centuries. Demons played a huge role in that and spirits as well.

The school setting is because the main demographic for games still is towards school age people. There is still a social taboo with older gamers.

Finally, these are popular genres right now. That's pretty much the reason you see it used so much.

3-4-51456d ago

Thanks for the info, good to know some facts. I was honestly wondering why so many games featured these things. I'd noticed it a lot lately.

boshi1456d ago

already preordered :D

abbyrose1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Actually might be one of the reasons for me to finally buy a Vita..though really looks like a knock off of the persona series, not like that is a bad thing mind you as most games are based of other games nowadays.

Remy_S1456d ago

I hope this persona ripoff is actually good, it didn't seem to get that great of reviews in Japan.