Game Design Contest for Women Launches Today

Do you have a great concept for a videogame and identify as a woman? Submit your pitch to this videogame design contest by April 14!

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Neckbear1450d ago

Only for women? That's sexist.

Yi-Long1450d ago

Agreed. I have a bunch of ideas all stuck and boiling in my head, bubbling, always on my mind, but I'm not 'inside' the industry, so I have no clue how I would go about actually getting it made...

3-4-51450d ago

I kind of like the idea. We get to maybe see what is really going on in their heads. lol

* There are plenty of other guys who happen to make games who didn't need a contest to get into it.

Just do it.

emtropy1447d ago

It's like women are a different species, amirite? What's really going on inside my head right now lol?! Who knows?! Who cares?! Those wacky women.

But really, it doesn't take a telepath to figure out what I'm thinking right now about your response.

*There are plenty of woman who have made games without being in a contest, believe it or not.

*That "other guys" have succeeded in a male-dominated field is neither relevant nor persuasive. Yeah, duh, that's kind of the point.

Finally, the Nike-ism. Just do it. Of course, how could I have been so naive. If only I worked hard enough I could achieve anything my little heart desires!

You could extend this to other groups. Maybe the poor are the ones at fault for being poor. Sure, they're in abject poverty, and maybe don't have shoes, but if they just pull up their bootstraps and work hard, one day they'll be rich!

I hope my exaggerated analogy sheds some light on how inane your statement was.

IcicleTrepan1450d ago

Agreed. There's nothing stopping women now from doing what they want except themselves. They don't get into tech jobs because they aren't interested.

Have you ever met a woman anywhere that said I'd really like to have been a programmer but I wasn't allowed. Because it doesn't exist. Women get more scholarships and grants than men simply for being a woman, and they wonder why there's less men in universities and colleges now than women.

Glitchy1450d ago

You've gotta be fucking kidding.

Conzul1450d ago

As someone with seven sisters, I completely agree.
The interest just isn't there.

emtropy1447d ago

Oh, of course! Thank you for edifying me! It's my fault if I don't make it in a male-dominated field!

I just need to pull up my bootstraps and pluckily persevere through the centuries-old discrimination and harassment.

And those scholarships, given because I posses a vagina, are clearly unfair. Who cares that 50 years ago women didn't get into colleges despite having the same credentials as men!

You make such a logically sound argument! The reason more women aren't in the science/tech field is obviously cause our puny female brains aren't interested in that, we'd rather go shopping or cook or teach children!

Thanks again for your input.

fattyuk1450d ago

Sexist pigs!!

Why can't us men enter this competition? In this day in age I couldn't believe how sexist people are allowed to be!

ShaunCameron1450d ago

Because you'll be exercising your inherent advantage and privilege over them. LOL

emtropy1447d ago

Welp, you got me "fattyuk."

I guess I'm one of those sexist feminazis you hear about, ya know, since I want men and women to have equal opportunity in the careers they choose.

But for serious, ya wanna talk sexist? How bout women making, on average, 77 cents to every man's dollar.

"In this day [in] age I couldn't believe how sexist people are allowed to be!"

emtropy1447d ago

I have a hunch you're trolling, but if that's not the case, see my other replies for why this is not a logically sound argument.

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Wallow1449d ago

I really like how this mentions that anyone who 'identifies' as a woman can enter. That's a really nice and open minded approach.

emtropy1447d ago

Yeah, me too! I think it's awesome.