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Submitted by Smurf1 613d ago | news

DriveClub Director Col Rodgers explains why he left Evolution Studios

Drive Club director who left Evolution Studios explains the reason for it and blasts insider Famous Mortimer. (Driveclub, Evolution Studios, Industry)

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The_Infected  +   613d ago
Well there's that I guess. Sad it's a family matter hope things get better. Also glad to hear the teitch and that Driveclub is a great game and doing well.
Prime157  +   613d ago
That is sad. I hope we get an apology as the libel part is crazy. Dodd is lucky he didn't just take legal action.
Eonjay  +   613d ago
Honestly this is another IGN disaster. People can't leave Sony without them turning it into a scandal. Peter is obviously wrong here (and needs to apologize) but what Rodgers shows us is the raw stupidity of sites like IGN for turning this into more than what it is. Its so bad now that you can't even leave on good terms without people questioning your competency or predicting doom.
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smashman98  +   613d ago
How could you blame ign this all happened on neogaf?!
chrismichaels04  +   613d ago
For everyone that was quick to jump on the Sony doom and gloom train, Col Rodgers revealed he had to leave Evolution Studios because his son is very sick. He didnt have to reveal his personal family business to the public, but he felt all the rumors following his departure was out of control and unfair to Sony. This is why i say people need to relax before jumping to conclusions. Some things are more important than video games. I wish his family the best of luck.
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loulou  +   613d ago
and boom goes mortimer the "look at me, i know things" insider (cough)

man, what is Abrael and dualshockers going to do now they have lost a source of clickbait????

mortimer dualshockers clickbaits now need to be insta-banned
thehitman  +   613d ago
We wont see Foxtrot and his doom and gloom Sony tin foil hat in this article I bet. This is further confirmation that shit happens and no one needs to explain their situation to us. We are gamers and we just game thats all. No one should have to explain their personal lives in order to leave a company. This story is sad and everyone who takes part in encouraging what happened here should feel ashamed of themselves.
Dee_91  +   613d ago
All of those people leaving would raise concern, speculations and assumptions regardless.To say, after he has clarified the situation that there was no need for an explanation is bogus.Someone needed to explain at least a part of it for this to end/ be brought to light.. how ever you want to look at it.
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SilentNegotiator  +   613d ago
Dodd is such an internet attention whore.
Sethry101  +   613d ago
Who would disagree with this?

Sad about his son, best of luck for the future.
redwin  +   613d ago
Gotta feel bad for what he is going through and my best wishes goes to him and his family . As to the other muchausen, he should get off the net before he hurts somebody else .
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kenshiro100  +   612d ago
Yeah, I wish him and his family the best. I know how it is to have sick family members.

That's why I said people shouldn't have jumped to conclusions about Sony being doomed because we don't know WHY these people left in the first place.
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Silly Mammo  +   613d ago
Surprise surprise- the end reason was not due to Sony sinking like the Titanic and it wasn't due to outrageous incompetence by the person in question. It was rather something in between. And that people is usually how life really is. Unfortunately, we live in a society that needs drama.

Best of luck to his family.
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redwin  +   613d ago
I'm glad this guy didn't get fired and that he left in good terms but do you think that everyone else in America and Europe left for personal reasons ? I think Sony is restructuring and that's not a bad thing, it just means a drought of first party exclusives .
Silly Mammo  +   613d ago
I would much rather have quality over quantity. It's not a race on who has more exclusives, but who has the best exclusives. Besides, there are plenty of good 3rd party games coming to keep PS4 owners busy.
DOMination-  +   613d ago
There are still 50+ from ssm, and unknown amounts from other studios this week that did get fired though which you are forgetting/ignoring?
Silly Mammo  +   613d ago
@Dom- I'm not ignoring them or trivializing their misfortune. I was simply commenting on the idea that the recent events that have been happening with Sony aren't always black or white. It's not either all doom or all the fault of the workers or some grand sinister motive by Sony. In the end, Sony is a corporation and like it or not these things happen.
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fr0sty  +   612d ago
@DOM, studios downsize when projects wind down. Stig's game got cancelled, which was in full production meaning it had a full crew working on it. When games are in pre-alpha they typically start with small crews and then hire on new help as the game goes into full production. once the game wraps up, they let those redundant people go or move them to other projects. When Sony canned Stig's game, they likely didn't have another project within SSM to put those people on, so they had to let them go.

It happens commonly in the industry. Probably not the best idea that they do all that restructuring all at once, due to the PR mess it has created, however they are ending their fiscal year now, so such housekeeping will please investors as well.
frostypants  +   613d ago
So the guy left for family reasons. That won't stop N4G conspiracy theorists from continuing to make crap up about these moves.
Pogmathoin  +   613d ago
It seemed like someone did not want a negative PS story, so made up this terrible cock and bull story to save face..... Quite pathetic. Best wishes to this guy, and son....
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kenshiro100  +   612d ago
I feel for this guy. His leaving turned into a freaking circus, just like everyone else who left Sony. Journalism has really hit the crapper these days.
incredibleMULK  +   612d ago
Hell with drive club, I hope his kid is ok and gets better. Wow. Sad, sad, news all this time I thought Sony was having a yard sale due to the economy. No more jumping the gun on my part. Best of luck to you and your family, and your new career.
PoSTedUP  +   613d ago
man, hope your son gets better, he'll be in our prayers, Col.
SolidGear3  +   613d ago
Who the hell is disagreeing with wanting someone's kid to get better?! Holy bajesus!
FunAndGun  +   613d ago
a little off topic....

I just saw a news story of someone who glued razor blades to kids playground equipment. There are definitely some #u(K3R5 out there in the world.

anyway, hope things go well for his child.
-EvoAnubis-  +   613d ago
*chuckles* Welcome to N4G.
Angeljuice   613d ago | Off topic | show
PoSTedUP  +   613d ago
clearly half of my comment doesnt partain to non-religous people. what a way to turn this off topic, be offensive, and into a religious debate, ****** bag. saying WE are praying for someone, especially in this case, shouldnt be offensive to anyone, unless you are just trying to start some **** in a post about a kid who was diagnosed with a disease. which is clearly what it looks like. if something bad happened, and people around you started praying and saying [something] will be in our prayers, would you too then diss religion to them and tell them you are offended in this awful moment? bc that is exactly what you are doing now. it seems like your brain is severely underdeveloped tbh. no one is talking religon to you or about you or non-religious people, theres no need to disrespect ppl and start a religious debate, there is no need for it. especially when i am minding my own business.
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Edsword  +   613d ago
It's the non-religious atheist crowd upset about the content of the poster's prayers. I'm not saying all atheist are that way, but a lot of them can't stand even the notion that someone prays to a higher being.

Anyway, the important thing here is that we all feel for this guy and his son. If you pray, then pray. If you don't, then do whatever you do, but please don't get upset that others do.
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Angeljuice  +   613d ago
I was responding to solidgear3's question " Who the hell is disagreeing with wanting someone's kid to get better?" I was simply saying that perhaps people were disagreeing with the 'prayer' part of the statement, not the kid getting better sentiment.

Im sorry if you find that difficult to understand.

When my mother died, people said they would pray for me, I told them not to as it was offensive and pointless and only served to make THEM feel better because they feel like they're doing something positive to help, when in reality it is no help at all.

If you believe in the power of prayer, pray by all means, but don't announce it first, like it's something great and wonderful you are doing.

Im not trying to start an argument or derail the thread. Did you miss the part where I said;

" I wish him and his family all the best and hope some kind of cure/treatment can be found. If there was anything I could do to ease his families suffering I would." -That is meant from the heart.

You are the one who brought religion into the matter when suggesting prayer as some sort of answer (unless of course you were only saying it because it is the cliche'd thing to say, in which case it's offensive because it's just hollow words).

Once again I apologise if you were upset by my words, I was very touched by this tragic story and was trying to explain to SolidGear3 that those disagrees don't necessarily mean that people don't care.
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PoSTedUP  +   613d ago
praying coincides with hope, and hope generally doesnt "help" either. there is nothing any of us can do to help by just commenting. but sharing sympathy makes people feel better, too (chemically in the brain) so it is contradictory (and completely wrong) when you say that people only pray to make Them feel better. the whole point in praying, going by beliefs, is to make OTHERS feel better, and that is there belief. so you are then being cynical of others by thinking otherwise, which in turn, results into only assuming what others intentions are, without knowing the truth. just realize that you comment was off topic and that you brought your own thoughts about religion by offending it, Not "just answering his questions". hoping and praying are only positive things; fueling a religious debate especially where is it completely uncalled for, is negitive, which you still insist on doing and continue to offend. when i, infact, have refused to rebuttal something completely off topic to this thread. so you can continue to be offensive while claiming you are offeded by something that has absolutely nothing to do with you or your beliefs, doesnt matter to me. just understand that you started this and seems like you failed at getting me to respond to your offense on religion (which by you continuing to do, proves that that is why you posted here in the first place).
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Angeljuice  +   612d ago

I clicked agree on your original comment, I was explaining why others may not have.

I have no problem with people praying, just those that announce the fact that they're going to do so.

I appologise once again, I did go over the top with my initial comment, and I admit that. Im not trying to start an argument, I have strong views that sometimes bubble over at inappropriate moments, this was one of those moments.

You have attacked me far more vehemently than I have you, yet I am apologising whilst you get more vicious and personal, so much for "turn the other cheek" (I guess that as an agnostic I still make a better Christian).
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SniperControl  +   613d ago
Well said post.

Get better kiddo, the good guys on N4G are routing for you.
Majin-vegeta  +   613d ago
Hope his kid gets better.
Bundi  +   613d ago
svoulis   613d ago | Bad language | show
xJumpManx  +   613d ago
Family comes first..
Jihaad_cpt  +   613d ago
Who ever disagrees with this statement is what is wrong with the world. Family should come first
mrpsychoticstalker  +   613d ago
Those who disagree dont know the meaning of family.


Family should ALWAYS come first no matter what!
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GhostTurtle  +   613d ago
Totally. WTF is wrong with people?
Moncole  +   613d ago
Just ignore the disagrees, they are just trolls trying to get you mad and its working and more of them,will disagree now because they see its working.
redwin  +   613d ago
Lol, same 4..
Mr-Dude  +   613d ago
Those who disagree are pathetic and do not know the meaning of a good family.. only stupid trolls
Angeljuice  +   613d ago
Some families are messed up, dysfunctional and abusive. Some parents rape and kill their children, those families should NOT come first.
MegaRay  +   613d ago
Some people dont agree
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   613d ago

Yeah, and you're one of them.
Irishguy95   613d ago | Offensive
RebelWAC  +   613d ago
Always. I'm kinda feeling like an a**hole now ... I wish his son, him & his the best. I salute him for this

@Angeljuice where I'm from, that's not family.....
WeAreLegion  +   613d ago
To those disagreeing with users wishing Col's son well:

Screw you guys!
Why o why  +   613d ago
And people say sony fanboys are the worst. Its like people want this to be false just so they can claim doom n gloom for sony or they're just d#c#heads.. screw them either way for real, to#sers

Get well first
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MasterCornholio  +   613d ago
Those people are heartless.
Bundi  +   613d ago
Don't make this into a flame war please, the people disagreeing could very easily be the PlayStation fans that said that the guy was fired because he was not doing a good job and so Sony was vindicated in their decision.

So let's not pretend we know who is disagreeing with what, let's not forget that this insider, famousmortimer is a Sony shill and so this bit of news discredits him and so those that are in his corner would want to disagree with it.
#6.1.2 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report
frostypants  +   613d ago
This is beyond fanboys. These are total d-bags.
Majin-vegeta  +   613d ago
You forgot the"I'm going home" part :P

OT:Best of wishes to him and his kiddo.
WeAreLegion  +   613d ago
Lol. I watched the whole South Park marathon today. I wish it was on every day.
CrossingEden  +   613d ago
Good man. Family ALWAYS comes before anything else.
kewlkat007   613d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
TM333   613d ago | Off topic | show
midget_gem  +   613d ago
Very sad, but sometimes family has to come first. He did what pretty much any loving father would in that situation.

Another myth debunked, straight from the horses mouth.
Bolts-N-Rays1109   613d ago | Offensive
No_Limit  +   613d ago
Wish the kid the the best and good luck with the new Starship studio.

If this doesn't put a final notice to all these so-called analysis and insiders that they are noting but avg. Joes like you and me and making false claims to feed their egos, then I don't know what can. I better not see another Dualshockers post with the "trusted insiders" heading again.
#12 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Roboto   613d ago | Personal attack | show
yewles1  +   613d ago
Nephrotic Syndrome??? He must be in terrible pain... T_T
Pyro2000x  +   612d ago
GT7 on PS4
ananas   613d ago | Off topic | show
NYC_Gamer  +   613d ago
This Mort guy spoke out of his rear end about things he knew nothing about..I feel sorry for Col and his son and the fact that he had to read about some hurtful things said about him on a forum by some dude with a huge ego.
#16 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Cryptcuzz  +   613d ago
Yeah, a big "F" and middle finger to Pete Dodd/FamousMortimer for this.

I hope Col and everyone else mentioned by Dodd gets their apologies. Seriously, wtf is wrong with him (Mortimer), if he didn't know the real reasons, why make up sh#t and spread it around like the truth. Just so others could be all worked up about things that never happened is ridiculous.

I wish the best to Col, his family and especially his son. Get well soon little guy!!!
DawnOfDon  +   613d ago
I get that family comes first, and I agree with that stand, but who quits their job because someone is sick? I get taking some time off but you have to quit, your family also needs money.

I feel bad for his son and hope he gets better
#17 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
torchic  +   613d ago

his son's life is in the balance, so he wants to take of him. if worst comes to pass, then at least he spent as much time with him as possible.

it's basic human instinct, to care of your offspring. like if you can't empathise with him then I really don't know, I'm 20, no children and I most definitely do.
DawnOfDon  +   613d ago
I get it completely. I would take some time off or try to leave work early or something so I can spend as much time with my son as possible. Work is important because you need it to obvious survive and afford to live, I would try to come home and spend as much time with him as possible while working but you need to work and you need to understand that tragedies happen but life doesn't stop.

I feel bad for him and hope his so gets better like I stated above.

I got very sick a couple of years ago and my mom took leave from work and took care of me and my dad still worked and continued his 2.5 hour commute to and form work and spent as much time with me as he could. I can see if you had money doing this but if you aren't as fortunate than you have to do what you have to do, job's are very had to come buy
SniperControl  +   613d ago
Are you for real??

He lives 220 miles away from home, 4 hours away from his very sick Son. Surely you would want to be close to your family in this dark time, his little lad will need both his parents to be there for him. This decision would have weighed heavily on his heart.

It's quite clear you don't have children off your own, when you have kids, they are your number 1 priority above anything else, I know my 4 year is.

Get better kiddo, the good guys here at N4G are routing for you.
#17.2 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DawnOfDon  +   613d ago

That is 4 hours away. You can not tell me he works 24 hours a day. Idk man I would find a way to still work, I would take less hours or something, work is to important, without work = no money = no home
ddgaming820  +   613d ago
He doesn't work 24 hours a day. It would be cheaper to have a hotel or something along the lines closer to work then to drive constantly 8 hours a day to and from work.
rainslacker  +   613d ago
He said that he was away from home 5.5 days of the week. This means he lived near the studio during the week and went home on the weekend.
Death  +   613d ago

Read the story. Col was gone 5.5 days a week. That means he was only home 1.5 days out of the week. That's not much time to be home or close to home to help take care of his son. There is nothing more to look into as far as this matter is concerned. He made the choice based on the needs of his family. End of story.
Why o why  +   613d ago
RebelWAC  +   613d ago
dragon82  +   613d ago
He said he spent five and a half days away from home each week working for EVO. He decided that he would rather put that time into caring for his son that has a life threatening illness. To me this is the absolute right choice to make in this situation. A job is not worth anywhere near as much as spending more time with his son. He also started up an Indie Dev Studio of his own so he can still create while being at home as much as possible.
Majin-vegeta  +   613d ago
Jobs come and go and can easily be replaced.Where as family can never be replaced.
Cryptcuzz  +   613d ago
With what he is going through, it must be especially hard for his wife to bare with emotionally, considering he says he is away 5.5 days out of each week. I understand what you are trying to say, and maybe he makes enough money each year with enough money to live comfortably right now, that he would rather quit his job (on good terms) to be with his wife and son instead.
hulk_bash1987  +   613d ago
You seem very immature, which I understand because judging by your comments you are still a kid. I highly doubt that you have made any big life decisions, so you are unable to relate. It's unfortunate he had to leave his job, but I respect his decision to place his family over his work. I wish him and his family the best and hope his son gets better.
Inception  +   613d ago

"but who quits their job because someone is sick?"


SMH at people like you -_-
rainslacker  +   613d ago
I took a year off work about 5 years ago to help take care of my dad when he got cancer. Some people can do such things with good financial planning, and as a game director, he was well paid.

It sucks for people that are forced to work during such times, but I'm sure many of them would prefer to spend such times with their families.

This guy is starting his own venture. Likely working from home. He obviously has enough money to support his family for the duration of the time it takes to make whatever he makes to get an income again.
#17.8 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Dudebro90  +   613d ago
Another piece of proof these "insiders" dont know jack crap.

Hope your son gets better.
Bundi  +   613d ago
I truly hope you pray his son gets well. His decision to step down was pretty stand up and I applaud him for it.
I just can't believe that the insider made up a story about how he was fired for doing a terrible job when the truth was far more commendable. family should always come first!

What reason did this inside to have to throw Col Rogers under the bus? And who's to say he's not doing the same with this Stig?
This is what happens when you worship a company, you make up all sorts of things in the name of preserving their image.

Gaming journalists need to be more responsible and accountable for the things that they print, sites like dualshockers need to change how they operate, you cannot just reported on every bit of nonsense you read on a forum just because it will get you hits

Also on our end, or at least my own, assuming the worst (financial reasons) was wrong and I apologize.
Flutterby  +   613d ago
Wow ! I can actually hit agree to one of your comments :)

Hope the guy is ok doesn't sound very promising tho but people do get through worse so fingers toes and ears crossed.
#19.1 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DanielGearSolid  +   613d ago
Mortimers reaction on twitter made me not wanna follow him anymore...

He should really apologize to Col for devaluing his work and success. Instead he's making it about himself.
creatchee  +   613d ago
I agree, although life will certainly be better with him, in his words, 'retiring from my position of "gaf insider." Whatever the #### that ever meant.'

Stay classy, Mort.
ddgaming820  +   613d ago
Care to link who this person is? Never heard of him.

Yes I live under a rock.
DanielGearSolid  +   613d ago
He's just a guy who knows ppl that work in the industry. Apparently they tell him secrets.

I don't really wanna give him free press at this point so I'll leave the rest to you
Tapani  +   613d ago
I hope the best to you and your son. Children are the hope in life and I understand every father doing a brave decision to protect their own family over anything else in the world.

Art and games do not overcome real life. They are ways of dealing with it, but do not solve the fundamental problems within.
#21 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   613d ago
So there you have it, you so called insiders or journalist it had nothing to do SONY!!!!!!! People act like making videos games is the only thing they have or want to do!! They do have families! and other goals in life!!! And i really hope his son gets better!!! PRAYERS Oh by the way whoever disagrees with this article or my comment really needs to grow up!!!
#22 (Edited 613d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
LiViNgLeGaCY  +   613d ago
Prayers for your son and family. This is sad. :(
TristanPR77  +   613d ago
What a difficult situation. Blessings to his family.
scott182  +   613d ago
Just make sure he gets well and do what you have to for your family. My prayers are with you guys.
Hope your son pulls through Col, I didn't know you before this whole incident but I have a new found respect for you.
Thank you for exposing self proclaimed insider Pete Dodd. Insiders will be the death of the industry and like CBOAT, another one bites the dust.
sourgrouch   613d ago | Spam
BABY-JEDI  +   613d ago
All the best to Col Rogers & family. Also I wish you all the success within your future endeavours.
The_BoZZ1991  +   613d ago
This is so sad. I pray for his son. Nothing is more import than his health...
DarkLord1003  +   613d ago
All the best to Col and his family. I hope his son is going to be ok!!

It's all about games until something like this comes up! There is nothing more important than health - especially if the person with a condition is your child. Must be hard!
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