Valve’s Michael Abrash Jumps on Board with Oculus as Chief Scientist

"Valve has been dabbling in the realm of VR for some time now, and if we’re going to speak about the future of Virtual Reality; the Oculus is as good of a place as any to begin. It’s no secret amongst the gaming community that Facebook’s sudden purchase of the Oculus has left some developers sour. But where there is pessimism, some select prime talents in the industry are beginning to find an optimistic approach to Facebook’s intervention."

Jenna Cantrell, Gamer Headlines

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ATi_Elite1602d ago


just kidding!

Well Oculus Rift has a lot of quality Devs on board so hopefully we get some EXCELLENT gaming apps from it.

3-4-51602d ago

He want's that facebook money. jk

I'm hoping something useful comes from this whole Oculus thing.

Dark111602d ago

What is going on with so.. oh wait

King Nezz1602d ago

What's going on with all these tech and software employees jumping from companies lately? I haven't seen this other than prostitutes hopping from penis to penis.

Coach_McGuirk1602d ago

it's always been like this

spartanlemur1602d ago

The red fire-like background is quite appropriate. Hell is the only place that company is going.

MrGEE1602d ago

nice move.its a good strategy to have smart people ,and big money concentrating on one product.