Oculus Surprised At The Backlash From Facebook Deal

The Oculus team finally responds to the flood of negative comments concerning the deal. They're in fact rather surprised to see what's happening.

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Paulie_gualtieri1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Facebook is full of the most casual shmucks on the internet/ this type of tech may as well be alien technology to them.If they want the Facebox ™ to take off, they better have an extremely open dev policy and allow all console/PC compatibility or Project Morpheus will destroy this thing.

SonyNGP1520d ago

Not trying hard enough, buddy.

ATi_Elite1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

dude they have so much money to throw at this thing and a few quality devs on board that it's bound to do some good.

we just HATE that it's under FACEBOOKS evil control now.

Doom4 in V.R. should be the coming out party for it in all it's glory.

porkChop1519d ago

Don't expect VR for Doom 4. Carmack said he left id Software because Zenimax refuses to support VR in any meaningful way. So don't expect VR for Doom, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc. It's just not likely to happen.

kydrice1519d ago

@porkChop They already have Skyrim working with Oculus Rift. Even if they're not officially supported, modders will find a way.

dcj05241519d ago

Facebook is trying to expand like google did in the 2000s.

justSumDood1519d ago

FaceBook hasn't yet realized that dominance through the world's stock markets is akin to a marathon. They're trying to sprint all the way to the finish line.

MegaRay1520d ago

I just hope their no "VR exclusives", if one want to play with tv or VR then that his choice (this includes PS4's VR)

-Foxtrot1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Really when you basically betrayed those who believed in you, give you their hard eared money to support your dream only to shove it back in their faces buy selling it off for a huge profit.

You honestly didn't think it would be this negative.

dcj05241519d ago

That doesn't make any sense. Oculus used the kickstarter money to make Devkit 1. Devkit 2 was made from money from Kick starter and investors (think Valve).They were using expensive off the shelf mobile parts and was not making much profit. Now being acquired by Facebook the Oculus can use High-end above 1080p displays, faster manufacturing,better tracking and they can take a loss potentially making it cheaper as well as getting it out to market sooner (potentially) and being able to invest into AAA games designed specifically first Oculus Rift. This makes the Rift as a product much better and more likely to succeed. How that is betrayal is beyond me. Facebook expanding similar to how Disney expanded. Disney doesn't have a clue about sports at all but ESPN seems fine. Instagram and Whatsapp also seem fine and non-dead after facebook buying them.The positives outweigh the negatives by a lot.Kickstarter isn't an investment firm. You pay for development of a PRODUCT and receive maybe with some goodies. Oculus delivered Devkit 1 to all kick starters who wanted them. They no longer owe NOTHING to them.

starchild1519d ago

That isn't true in the slightest. I'm an Oculus Kickstarter backer and I don't feel betrayed. This is the best shot we realistically had at getting the Rift and VR to succeed.

How can we feel betrayed? When you fund a kickstarter project it doesn't mean that you get equity in the company. You are essentially donating your money in the hopes that the project will get off the ground. You usually get something in return, such as the DK1 Oculus Rift most backers got in this case.

So let's put this in perspective. Those of us that pledged $300 or more were given the DK1 and the hope that Oculus could get the product off the ground and eventually launch a superior consumer version with good software support. The first thing already happened: we got our dev kits. The second thing has not happened yet, but there is no evidence that it won't happen. Oculus is trying to get there the best way they know how, and I believe they are sincere.

Some people are jumping to absurd conclusions before they have all the facts and they are likely going to end up looking like idiots.

But you know what? Even if Oculus failed and was never able to launch the consumer Rift, it still wouldn't mean that backers would have a right to sue or get something else from the company.

When you fund a kickstarter project there is no guarantee that the product will come out and be everything that YOU personally think it should be. That's completely unrealistic and isn't how things work.

DawnOfDon1519d ago

It's a business do you think they really care?

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