The Women In Video Games Initiative

The Fine Young Capitalists just launched an initiative to get more women making video games.

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SilentNegotiator1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

So their solution is that women give them an idea for a game and someone else makes it? How does that REALLY increase the amount of women in the game dev industry? No one simply "buys ideas" in the game industry. The winner isn't going to go on to be a game idea saleswoman.

Furthermore, their "transgender policy" simply states that the only requirement is that you "self identify" as a woman, leading to the possibility of winners who aren't actually in any position to be discriminated out of the industry (Like not even actually transgender, but "female in spirit" and all of those 30 "genders" that you can find of facebook that would make them applicable) - not that women are anyway; they're just not applying (ask EA).

Furtherermore, they claim a healthy percentage of the profit, despite not being the ones developing (instead the job of a company which is probably dominated guessed it, men). So again, the initiative does nothing to correct the issue; this is just another company taking advantage of a social issue to get money.

This "initiative" defeats itself at every turn.

jessupj1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Programs like these are great, but why don't we ever see 'men in nursing' or 'men in reception' initiatives?

Are men not people too that are equally valued?

Western society always seems more than willing to bend over backwards to give special treatment and privileges to women, but when it comes to men they just don't care.

mr-phillips1606d ago

Men usually keep their problems to themselves. IMO that is why we'll never see the male variant of this just check the ratio of feminist webcasts or youtbube videos compared to people speaking on male issues, wide divide.

Pozzle1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I don't know about reception (do you need qualifications to be a receptionist?), but in recent years more and more universities are offering male-only scholarships and fee help for nursing students and other underrepresented groups in nursing. They're definitely there if you know where to look.

ShaunCameron1606d ago

Unfortunately, no. And this is the thanks they get in return for building, establishing, maintaining and protecting society. Being snubbed like the initiative here or being labelled evil, oppressive, misogynist, etcetera.

It's a de facto matriarchy. Men are just there to serve female interests.

PoSTedUP1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

there are plenty of male nurses. and male nurses are actually the ones who got the salary raised for nursing back in the day upon entering the field (by demanding it). male nurses are high in demand now, too.

men get what they ask for (most of the time), as do women. each demand different things. women get paid less than men do, on average; that hasnt changed yet, tho, no matter how much they demand it. i think this initiative is good, i certainly am not gonna go all "jfidhdg Equality!!" on it... that would be weird, and id just feel like a pansy doing so.

ShaunCameron1606d ago

And that's for as long as women work less and work in less demanding/lucrative professions.

<women get paid less than men do, on average; that hasnt changed yet, tho, no matter how much they demand it.>

PoSTedUP1606d ago

well, no, they actually get paid less compared to men, working the same job and hours, in most jobs. probably not a lot of the smaller jobs tho (e.g. retail, fast food etc.). but in the more demading jobs, yeah they get paid less comared to a man. thats what they are fighting for atm.

jessupj1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Women do get paid less than men, but do you know why? Because they work less.

They work less because they prefer to spend time with their children instead of getting yelled at in the office by the boss

Who would have though that when you work less, you get less money than someone that worked more hours! Gasp!

The discriminatory wage gap is a myth that certain groups just won't stop touting, no matter how many facts and good science you show them.

I challenge you to find me one, just one case of a woman receiving less pay per hour than a man when from a medium or big business that has worked the same hours, has been in the company for the same amount of time and that has the same position.

I always ask this question whenever someone claims this and I never get the proof of the 1 single case I requested.

Maybe you can break that pattern.

PoSTedUP1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

while i cant copy and past anything bc im on a vita (and dont know of any two people off hand) , you can certainly google studys done by federal reserve analysis, also some by big schools, which account for hours worked, degree, and wage compared to their male colleague, that will tell you that women make 5% less than men (the gap is narrowing). even in CEO positions. i mean, even the president "acknowledges" this, lol, w/e his reasons may be... sorry i cant post it, i would if i could, plus there is a lot more info that makes sense. ill try n hop on my pc tomorrow, its 3:41am here.

edit: i actually found something that fits your discription, its just something quick, its from 1998, but only took 3 seconds to find, so im sure there are plenty of more cases (and im sure ive personally herd about some in the past), google: Shortchanged: Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men. and there is your proof. if youre not satisfied, ill find another one tomorrow for you. but that is exactly what you asked for.

SilentNegotiator1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


There's a legacy angle, too. The amount of women working in general is something that only increased greatly in the last few decades; there are more male industry veterans who make more because they've simply been AROUND longer.

Case in point, younger women get MUCH closer to equal pay:
It's not even until you hit the 40s that the wages have that large of a gap. Once you get that high in age, you have women joining the work force for the first time (or rejoining) to help pay the ever-increasing bills; as opposed to the men, which is more people who have worked all of their lives.

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