Titanfall Store Is Live - Purchase Titanfall Shirts, Hoodies And Other Accessories

You can now purchase Titanfall shirts, hoodies and other accessories at the new Titanfall store. Go get your new Titanfall t-shirt.

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Flutterby1544d ago

My thoughts exactly lol how many sales will they get on merchandise when the game hasn't really taken the gaming world by storm. It's not a dig at the game before people try to disagree but how many titanfall fans are there ? Maybe 1 million at most ? How many people out of those will look for a site that sells titanfall clothes ? Seems imo to be a tad bit premature.

Godmars2901544d ago

How many people have bought product chachkies while even unaware of the product?

Likely just some chachkies company looking for money. Had a prearrangement with EA well before the game's release.

nosferatuzodd1544d ago

great this is news now boy the lent some company gos to

DFogz1544d ago

wtf is Kodi Industries?

Hammond Industries is the company making Titans in the game

svoulis1544d ago

Oh I've been waiting for this day gee golly. Oh boy can't wait to get the shirt with the most badass character in the game what's his face....forgot his name...that guy.

Oh that's right I forgot I don't give a sh!t about the characters.

Sorry had to do ittttt

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