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(CriticalIndieGamer)After a years absence from the WiiU Eshop Darksiders II has returned!

Just when you had thought the Wii U was completely worthless, Darksiders 2 steps up to the lonely console, puts its arm around its freakishly wide shoulders and says “Hey! The Wii U is a decent platform and I’m going to prove it!” A valiant deed but does Darksiders 2 succeed?

Darksiders 2 is a direct sequel to Darksiders, a boring hack and slash that had an amazing setting and great ideas. Darksiders 2 thankfully ditches all the mistakes that marred the first and focuses instead on creating a smooth hack and slash that blends perfectly with Legend of Zelda style dungeon exploring and puzzle solving.

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Metallox1604d ago

Amazing game, it's at 20 dollars on the eShop right now, it's good if you can't buy things from the Internet and if the game isn't available in stores.

DC7771604d ago

I picked it up. It's pretty good. I am not a big fan of it's blued out color scheme or the characters themselves but the actual gameplay is quite good.

fei-hung1604d ago

Played and completed this game twice. Absolutely love it and really hope they can make a third that will live up to the previous 2.

Also on a related note, picked up Darksiders 2 prestigious edition (only 13,300 made). The resin Death mask is all sorts of awesome!!!

wonderfulmonkeyman1603d ago

My only complaint is that the Wii u version is missing some dlc, but other than that, I'm content with it and highly recommend it to pretty much anyone who likes action adventure games.