Why Facebook buying Oculus Rift might not be a bad thing

Since news broke that Facebook purchased Oculus, the company behind the popular upcoming virtual reality (VR) headset, the Oculus Rift, for an astounding $15 billion, gamers have been up in arms, proclaiming the death of the company and grim future for VR.

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pat_11_51519d ago

I definitely don't think it's the end of the world. Oculus needed money, that's no secret, and Facebook has plenty to throw at the project.

Kingthrash3601519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

true facebook has the money to boost the project.
but that isnt the prob. facebook and gaming dont mix well.
the minecraft pulled the game so fast..smh what he said about fb. yeah if anyone knows when to pull out it someone who knows what fb had done to its games already...check out his comments on why he pulled out. this isnt a good thing.
you think gaming is too commercialized now..wait till these non gaming companies grab hold.
non gaming companies dont have that gaming love..just love for money.
ms is kinda guilty of this too. the constant over charging and purposely forcing accessories on people... controller without a built in battery pack..still? forced kinect...voice mic adapter.. paywalls....micro transactions in 60$ games (ea too..forshame ea)
imagine what facebook will do or even amazon.
nintendo is all about is all about gaming..and sadly thats where it ends.

protip: xbox 360 in early days was a gaming machine...everything changed when the kinect hit.
they saw the success of the wii and wanted to take thos casuals. failing to remember that they had core gamers...thus making alan wake their last new big exclusive on the 360...with the x1 saga all pointing to greed it seems they lost their way. props to 360...kinect and greed lead ms off the path of gaming and on the path of greed.

truefan11519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

You just had to make it about MSFT didn't you, lol. You guys talk so much you have convinced yourself they are the bad guy. How do you feel about companies only releasing a game on a prior generation console, no mention of current gen so every one buys the old version. Then releases the same game less than 1 year later for improved graphics, meaning those same people will rebuy it. TLOU ring a bell, also why not hate Kojima with the full price demo and price drop 2 days later.

On topic: Oculus Rift will pretty much be able to do everything they wanted to do + more with the financial backing of fb. People need to grow up and realize EVERYONE is in business to make money. This whole it's cool to hate is for followers and sheep.

DoctorJones1519d ago

Why do you have so many bubbles? Seriously?

You can barely string a coherent sentence together and yet here you are with all your bubbles. Smh.

This has nothing to do with MS and yet you turn it on to MS territory.

This is business, some turns in technology require great investment, and Facebook is giving this great investment. It may turn out to be a good thing, or it may turn out to be a bad thing.

What I do know is this has nothing to do with MS.


Kingthrash3601519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

so i'm wrong?
msft didnt do this?
i'm not bashing ms...but the example is there.
the bub count is high because i don't troll...and say it like it is. if i get something wrong i admit it...
msft was an example...a good example. thats all, i'm not trolling made a mistakes too that i called them out on.
facebook + or = bad >>imo<<
ms made mistakes like every company, they are paying for it now. just like nintendo is now, and how sony did with ps3.
facebook is just the latest company to dip their hands in gameing as a secondary means.
xbox is nothing to ms as far as money making is lives or dies with their gameing they have a certain passion for gaming were xbox or oculus can just be sold off and have little if any impact on the company as a whole. so its just business to try to squeeze as much money out of gamers as possible.
i owned all consoles except x1 and far. knowing me i'll buy both sooner or later but oculus for me, is off the table.

true everyone is in it for the money... and its up to them to sell the product. thats always my aregument, i dont buy a console because of name brand..i buy it because its the product that appeals to me...period. facebook buying oculus is cool but many consumers and thos who put money in the kickstarter do not like this and it may impact sales...

Neonridr1519d ago

15 billion? wasn't it 2 billion?

Dudebro901519d ago

This Patrick guy is notorious for not having a clue what he's talking about.

He's one of the many that think Nintendo is gonna go bankrupt.

pat_11_51519d ago

Not true at all. I don't recall ever saying "Nintendo is going bankrupt."

I did however write a column a few months ago suggesting a few strategies the company could take to survive in the long term. Basically, all I said is Nintendo can't continue "forever" the way it is now, which isn't even opinion - it's a fact.

Talk crap about me all you want, but at least be accurate about it :)

Dudebro901519d ago

Nintendo could prevent a financial “Game Over” with these 3 strategies

Thats your title....and your trying to say that you never said they are going bankrupt.

Not trying to be a jerk, but you are a poor journalist, and I am not the only one that thinks so.

Alex_Boro1519d ago

Yeah how did this get approved lmfao?

pat_11_51519d ago

Got my numbers mixed up, my mistake - thanks for pointing that one out! It's been a long day :P

aquamala1519d ago

all depends on what Facebook's plan for it is, all unknowns at this point

justSumDood1519d ago

You really have no clue as to what FB's plan for VR is?
Just think about it.

Paulie_gualtieri1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

eh heh

I don't see no good coming from this

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