Forget the Oculus Rift. Behold The Power Mitt (Oven Glove)

Who needs fancy virtual reality headsets? You want the Power Glove. It's so bad.

This isn't the first attempt to recreate the NES Power Glove as something more practical. However, this recreation on crowd-funding site Indiegogo looks absolutely spot on.

What better thing to use when baking those 1-up mushroom biscuits..?

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Patashnik1490d ago

This looks like garbage.

Love it! ^_^

Kyosuke_Sanada1490d ago

I have a strange craving to watch The Wizard again......

NaAsAr1490d ago

i could never get to grips with the "power glove" lol

thejigisup1490d ago

I love that movie. "It's so bad" the power glove will make a comeback, spiritually soon I say it now.

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