Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Trademark Registered by Square Enix

GC - "We may very well know the name of our first next-gen Deus Ex game."

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AntoineDcoolette1486d ago


More awesome dialogue challenges pwease

hiptanaka1486d ago

I hope it's not a mobile game.

KonsoruMasuta1486d ago

It's for next gen consoles.

Kyosuke_Sanada1486d ago

If this is a console release, PLEASE make the world more expansive. I loved the locales offered within the last game but at times I felt very restricted. A robust amount of weapons would be a plus as well......

Concertoine1486d ago

Last game was great. Hopefully Eidos montreal is back to buisiness this game, Thief was pretty crap.

curtis921486d ago

I'm pretty sure it was a mostly different team doing thief as I didn't recognize anyone in thief interviews from the DX:HR team.

Concertoine1486d ago

Similar issues with the load times and performance though. Seemed like it had the same programmers.

Zeixama1486d ago

Mankind Divided? I can't wait to see what the magical sphere is going to tell about our futuristic future at this time. In Human Revolution I have read a PDA article that foretells how India's economy falls down after a China-like miracle attemption. I mean Human Revolution has many intriguing messages and articles buried in the data in electronic devices to tell something interesting about humanity's future.

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