DayZ Sales Figures, New Studio Acquisition Revealed

DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed that the game has now shifted more than 2m copies of the game's original Arma 2 mod and sold 1.7m copies of the standalone package.

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NYC_Gamer1600d ago

"1.7m copies of the standalone "

That's a huge number for a game still in early access

ATi_Elite1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

DayZ sodd 2 million copies of Amra 2 and another 1.7 million copies of the Standalaone.

CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! to the Dean and his small team (now LARGE TEAM).

DayZ is Next Gen gaming as it is player driven and open world with so many variables. (graphics may not be next gen but the gameplay sure the heck is)


*for anyone complaing about Bugs and clunky controls

It's NOT Call of DUTY with FLOATING characters, it's a simulator with realistic movement. true it could have smoother animation but your suppose to have a sense of movement and not just FLOATING around.

this game was made by like 12 people and it's still in early stages so chill-out.

crusf1600d ago

Awesome game but a buggy mess. Its alpha though so it doesn't really bother me I was expecting that. Do zombies still walk through walls?

Hellsvacancy1600d ago

Please bring it to the PS4 so I can play it one day

UbiquitousClam1600d ago

From what Dean Hall has said in previous interviews it seems fairly likely this game will come to next gen consoles.

Yaay4me1600d ago

its confirmed for PS4 as far as I know.

AD7051600d ago

It's still up for discussion but keep in mind the game is still in beta and not gonna be released until 2015 or late 2014. Lots of work needs to be done.

kingduqc1600d ago

Dayz on console is still years off and will probably dumed down. Controls are complex and mechaniques are complex to port on a controller and player base are not used to thid type of game. When it release on console i expext it to be a shadow of the original so dont hold your breath

Evilsnuggle1600d ago

I find funny that PC gamers are always petitioning for Consoles games. But are hyper protective Of PC games. That is a bit of hypocrisy for you. If you wanted Dayz to be a success. Then you would want it on as many platforms as possible. No Some people are a insecure little PC Troll acting like jealous little girls. how pathetic

kingduqc1600d ago


Have you even played the game? Cause I'm at 220 hours in the standalone and hundreds in the mod and I can tell you that this game is like none on console.

The game controls is more complex then the average FPS. You got lean right/left, move your head freely around,zoom in, tons of easy access items, menu with tons of items that have tons of options each(and it's still an alpha and more content will be added) Just trying to manage inventory would be a challenge on a controller.

Here is some examples that you cannot do on a controller without making huge change on how the game works:

-You can't in a firefight shoot a bullet, open the menu to reload the bullets into the chamber(because you don't have a magazine)It would either be press X to reload and that will take away everything the game actually is setting up for and make it super simplistic and casual or you would just die every time because it would take you too much time being still.

-Sniping at 750-900m or someone running at 400-500 meters. I don't see even a good player doing this on a controller. It is hard, you got to on the fly change your scope zeroing on top of having precise aim. Specially since you have to do it a lot.

I'm also not sure a game where you literally walk for 2 hours without seeing anyone would be successful on console to begin with. Most of the console games are just instant gratification, easy pick up and play. Cod, battlefield, uncharted, gears, halo, infamous,killzone,etc. I can't even think of a game that take patience. Even stealth game where you sneak on enemies are fast paced compare to dayz.

Porting a game from a controller to a mouse and keyboard is easy, because the later have much more input but the other way around is hard task and it wont come without sacrifices.

Not also that but they would have to port an entire engine on 2 new platform and they won't start doing that before the release of dayz on pc (that's about 2 years from now) So yeah dayz 2018 could be on consoles but I really don't see the point of it since the core of the game isn't compatible with the audience on console and that even the game's mechanism isn't.

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Revvin1600d ago

With a new studio we may see some progress past a long list of broken promises from Dean 'Rocket' Hall. Dayz Epoch mod shows where Dayz could have been if Rocket had stopped obsessing over small things like the colour of your trousers.

SaturdayNightBeaver1600d ago

PC gaming is dead anyways.. :P

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