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TheHDRoom: "The art style for Nintendo's Yoshi's New Island, a 3DS-exclusive platforming successor to the multiple Yoshi-centric games that came before it, is best described as influenced by a large box of children's crayons. In fact, the entire game feels as if it were designed with players ages 6 and under in mind. It is the antithesis of the challenging Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, whose forgiveness allows beginners to reach the end without assistance and advanced players to ponder where the challenge resides."

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3-4-51543d ago

Site is called the HD room. Hmmm I'm guessing Yoshi isn't "cool" enough.

* I don't understand down grading something for not being "groundbreaking".

Only 1 out of every 100/200 games ever are really "groundbreaking" games.

* Down grading it because it's not challenging enough?

Do you like doing chores/work/random BS for fun or something ?

This game looks fun. Only played a few minutes of it at a Gamestop, but I could definitely see myself buying this at a later date. It was as a nice relaxing platformer.

Some of us want that sometimes.

TMRBac1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Looks like TheHDRoom score is equal or higher than any of the other Yoshi's New Island reviews I see below under "related reviews."