Weekend Gaming Hardware Sales - $200 480GB SSD, Intel X79 Combos, R9 270

GamersNexus: "As our regularly-scheduled content continues out of GTC & GDC, we turn toward e-tailers for our weekend hardware sales round-up. Noteworthy this weekend are combo discounts on Intel Extreme Series CPUs, Crucial's 480GB M500 for $200, an XFX R9 270, and a 23.6” LED LCD."

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1573d ago

$200??!?! Damn! I paid $100 for a 120 gig...great deal

LAWSON721573d ago (Edited 1573d ago )

That m500 and EVO have some appealing prices. Nice to SSDs are starting to have lower prices, may eventually get a 500GB SSD because of these nicer prices.

johny51572d ago

Average SSD prices are said to drop about 35% this year alone so 480gb SSD's under $200 will become common!

"Hell Yeah!"

Now we just need Sata Express and PCI E 4.0 and we'll be set till Memristors come out!