The Batmobile Is "A Genuine Character" In Batman Arkham Knight

Rocksteady engineered the Batmobile to be a "genuine character" in Batman: Arkham Knight, even though that doesn't mean it's a driving game, luckily.

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boskoz1578d ago

As long as it is not a driving game, I see nothing wrong in giving the Batmobile some respect

erathaol1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

-Edit- Dang it, Lord_Frieza beat me to the punch.

Lord_Frieza1578d ago

Like kitt in knight rider??
So will it speak?

hkgamer1577d ago

lol.. exactly what I wanted to say

ThichQuangDuck1577d ago

Please tell me Alfred died and his brain merged with the Batmobile

Neoninja1577d ago

I don't like the way the Batmobile looks. Happy you get to use it, but I just don't like its look.

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