New 'Dark Souls 2' Update To Fix Speed & Other Issues

According to its official Japanese website, new 'Dark Souls 2' fixes are on the way via the 1.03 update.

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OmegaShen1574d ago

So the coffin changes your sex? Wow, thats why my character is a female. Thats pretty bad they miss telling you that (I guess you would know if you used a guide).

DoctorJones1574d ago

I played the game for a couple of days after I went in the coffin and wondered why I was walking like a woman. I had no idea what the coffin did, I thought it was something I needed to go in later after I did something else.

It was only after I changed some armor that I realised why I was walking like a woman.

Yes, I am sometimes slow on the uptake :P

OmegaShen1574d ago

I was thinking the coffin might do something like the last Dark Souls and found my character was a female by her voice. No much for a chest to point out its a female.

The stage that was in the beta was really easy, even the boss (but I think I was a good level to fight that boss).

As for guides, I got the Demon Souls and Dark Souls for looks. The Dark Souls guides are nice, as for using it to find.... Well it doesn't help at keeping you from dying (at least not my friends).

nucky641574d ago

i think it's a disservice to gamers that they only offer a 35 dollar guide. once i beat demon and ds1 i enjoyed going thru my 12 dollar guide to see what kinds of things i can do that i didn't in my first blind playthrough.
they should have offered a soft-cover guide for 12-15 dollars for ds2

DoctorJones1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

I'm on the fence with that sort of thing. I think as a gamer you should try and find things out for yourself, it offers you reasons to replay it. Finding out from a guide takes all the mystique away from it.

Games should have secrets that you need to discover, otherwise you're just playing a playing guide.

But on the other hand, you're right, you're paying money to have that knowledge, so you should know.

I'm purposely playing the game blind all the way through the first playthrough and every other playthrough myself though. I spoiled everything in DS after looking at every wiki article or game guide finding the secrets after I completed it. This time I'm just leaving it to myself.

meatnormous1574d ago

Demons souls only came with a guide if you pre ordered the game. I still have mine and its worth a pretty penny these days.

PurpHerbison1574d ago

1 Blind playthrough and then I go to Google to craft PvP builds. I don't care about items or anything for that matter unless it is part of the build I have made before hand. Replayability for me is the PvP builds.

Timesplitter141574d ago

you would also know if you actually looked at your character

OmegaShen1569d ago

No you wouldn't if your armor hides your looks and females don't have much of a chest to tell too.

Mister_G1570d ago

In DS1 climbing into a coffin took you to see Nito, so you could join his covenant, so lots of people will have done this.

I thought I'd messed up my character creation until I realized wot I'd done, lol.

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ShowGun9011574d ago

i think i needed a guide to read those patch notes...

thatzacdavis1574d ago

Hopefully we will see an official English post soon.

ShowGun9011574d ago

personal favorite?

•Corrected in the sinus of the gap, so as to display a dialog when entering the coffin where you can change the gender

just sounds weird and kinky... great, now i'll involuntarily associate the words gender and sinus... ugh

Giru0171574d ago

I posted an english version a couple of posts down, ope it helps :)

Giru0171574d ago

Readable patch notes here:
Patch 1.03 notes

Successful Online coop with white / small sigh stone will now revive you back to human

Bug where entrance door to Drangleic Castle did not open has been fixed

Failing to create multiplayer session no longer disables use of online items such as white soap stone

Starting boss fight with Mirror Knight while summoning coop player no longer fails / cancel summoning process

Death match error at the undead purgatory has been fixed

You will no longer be able to take off Covenant related rings while being summoned

Bug which dropped items were not be able to picked up again due to the 'inventory is full ' message has been fixed

Dialog will now pop up when you enter the coffin at the Things Betwixt

Fixed bug where at certain areas blood stains, illusions and messages were not displayed

Bug which location of object and item were reset has been fixed

Display response time at character making has been improved

Bug where angle of the tattoo chosen at the character making screen did not display correctly has been fixed

Response time of start menu / bonfire menu has been improved

Certain items not being available at the shops in NG+ and later has been fixed

Summoned players no longer fall under the ground at Earthen Peak

Bug which caused souls to be lost while equipping life protection ring has been fixed

Bug which caused face icon displayed at the summon sign to be of different player has been fixed

Trophy icon for the Guardian of Fort(?) fixed

Controller now vibrate when guarding

Equip menu info on dark magic has been fixed

Bug which caused player to fall through elevator while using binoculars and casting spell has been fixed

frostypants1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

"Successful Online coop with white / small sigh stone will now revive you back to human"

This is HUGE. Thank freaking god...

Giru0171573d ago

Yeah, I hated helping out, killing a boss and returning to my world without any spells, estus or health I used... And other times, the world owner would die and I'd get revived with replentished spells, humanity and estus. So stupid, glad they're fixing it.

cyber_daemonx1574d ago

Took my friend 3 days before he realised his character had changed sex lol.

Tapani1574d ago

They should never ever tell about the stuff like the strange coffin. It was just great when I was wondering around as a woman for hours and later thinking that "what the... this game is so buggy, I'm suddenly a woman!!!".

A big part of the charm of the game is NOT to check out the FAQS and finding out most of the stuff alone through multiple playthroughs!

It was a total MGS moment for me! Just like the first fight with Psycho Mantis.

I like how some developers (this time Japanese) are still so brave and innovative, even while staying within the great formula they themselves created.

I'm not young enough to be a fan of anything anymore, but damn! I am embarrassingly a huge fan of Souls games. Especially, Demon's Souls was so goooood! :)

Go enjoy it!