Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 32 – How Will Virtual Reality Impact RPGs?

Gary at The Koalition writes: Welcome back to Turn Based, the dedicated RPG podcast. This week we welcomed back a previous guest and fellow member of The Koalition team Jakejames Lugo. This week our spotlight discussion was all about virtual reality, and how it could potentially impact the RPG genre.

The topic was obviously inspired by the recent acquisition of Oculus by Facebook - with such a huge acquisition, and Sony also stepping into the Virtual reality realm - it's clear that virtual reality is going to become a big deal in gaming. So how about an Elder Scrolls game built for Oculus? Could it work? We delve deep into all the possibilities on the show.

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MrKennedy1393d ago

This is a great podcast about virtual reality RPGs.

rbailey1393d ago

Very interesting theory discussed. I personally don't think VR will impact RPGs because the device itself would first have to be made affordable for consumers to buy. Most PC gamers would opt to spend money on upgrading their PC rather then shelling out all that dough for a peripheral. But you know I could be wrong. either way, we will know more about this soon.