Harry Potter and the Lack of Good Games

For all of its successes as a media franchise, the Harry Potter series is quite lacking in the video game department.

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Neonridr1600d ago

LEGO Harry Potter games were fun, but it would be cool to have a game set in the world of Harry Potter but you being your own character.

matrixman921600d ago

some kind of RPG could be dragon age, in harry potter world

xBigxBossx1600d ago

A Harry potter rpg Would be sick. Sneaking through Hogwarts halls at night.

deep_fried_bum_cake1600d ago

I thought that the first 2 Harry Potter games were good.

sonicsidewinder1599d ago

I concur. First two were great.

Canecoster1600d ago

Harry Potter MMO. Am I the only one that think this would be a good ideia? Create your student, four houses to choose from, character classes (like best at spells, best at potions, best at enchantments, best at counter-curses, and more), and then pets, actual classes with teachers, all the school to explore, Diagon Alley, Hogsmead, London, Quidditch, boss battles, questing, leveling… do I need to mention any more stuff that would actually look good and probably work?

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