Watch Dogs Creative Director Comments on PS4 Graphics, Sexual Content & More

"Lead Watch Dogs developer Jonathan Morin comments on various aspects of the game."

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No_Limit1422d ago

Good to hear that the PS4 version is close to the PC one.

cellmember1422d ago

Not if you intended to buy it on pc.Just means they were lazy with the pc version and didnt throw in the bells and whistles.

Kingthrash3601422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

lazy? 4 maybe 5 different console versions and a pc version, and you have the nerve to say lazy? they delayed the game for further optimizations on 5 different versions and you say lazy. smmfh its like you think games are easy to make...cross gen at that.
if it was a port with lag problems yeah say lazy.
if its a online only fps game with minimal game modes shotty frames no destruction or bullethole while being ugly in comparison to other this gen fps..say lazy.
but this open world, multi gen, multi plat, sp and mp game is far from lazy.
if on pc dont worry mod up and dont cry.

sorane1422d ago

I have to agree with cell. They could have easily had jacked up graphics on PC then just scaled them back for the ps4. It's a lot like when devs say the xbox one version looks like the ps4 version of a game and the whole interwebz goes nutz. Except that the power difference is multiplied compared to the power gap between the one and ps4. Not what anyone who games on PC wants to hear. Hopefully it'll be modded to fix these problems.

Kingthrash3601422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

why though? it will sell most on it's business...follow the money. they always follow the money.
'sides it will look better on pc anyway..ps4 will be close but not as good...whats the prob? cry when they make a ps4 game thats looking better than the pc o man...just mod up...look at skyrim...i mean damn!

jb1rd901422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

lazy lol? how about common sense to work on the most on the system that will sell the most lol. only a re re will put forth more money for a version that will sell the least out of all the versions. also only a hand full of pc gamers will be able to run it at elite levels... would be such a waste a time and money for the few pc elitist with systems of that caliber. dont be mad bc u spent alot of money on a pc when no one else did.

MysticStrummer1421d ago

"they were lazy with the pc version and didnt throw in the bells and whistles."

They don't bother trying to push graphics that only a small percentage of PC gamers will see. That's what doesn't make sense about the "consoles hold PCs back" argument. It's just a self entitled delusion that says "I upgraded my PC, therefore devs must cater to me". If more PC gamers tried to stay current with their hardware, suddenly consoles wouldn't be holding back PC gaming anymore.

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aquamala1422d ago

like all multi plat games, if PS4 version is hard to tell from PC version it means the developer is not taking advantage of more powerful PCs

cellmember1422d ago

@ Kingthrash360 The point is too many games today especially in the next gen crossover are cashcows. If the focus was on just next gen and pc only I think the game would be closer to its original target render. Developers should be making games to push what they can do and people expectations. So yes I say they are lazy and gamers shouldn't have to put up with so called next games which are just last gen with a bit of gloss.

esemce1422d ago

It wont be unless you gimp the PC or play on 5 year old system, this is PR. Do you think anyone at Ubi will say:

'er yeah we first revealed watchdogs on a pimped out PC and now we have scaled back the games detail becuase the consoles are just not that powerful'

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Games4ever1422d ago

Will there be an option to remove or censor sexual content and nudity in Watch Dogs?

What a stupid question.

cyhm31121422d ago

so that means xbone's version will be significantly inferior?

clarkjudo1422d ago

"This news has already inflamed yet another “resolutiongate” quarrel, with both PlayStation and Xbox One fans defending their respective consoles in light of these figures. The lower native resolutions for Xbox One fall in line as the console uses a graphical upscaler to hit 1080p resolution, and most gamers won’t really notice it during gameplay (this of course varies on a game-to-game basis), leaving some to conclude that the arguments are trivial matters." -

RE_L_MAYER1422d ago

should have called it xbox 960)))

HeWhoWalks1422d ago

@ clark: Whether or not people won't notice a "difference", the difference is there and real. Thus, nothing negates what I posted. He wanted facts and got them.

Eonjay1422d ago

In reference to the sexual content and nudity; does anyone regularly game with the kids or younger siblings around?

Also, is there anyone here who would rather be able to censor nudity during their own playthrough?

Naga1422d ago (Edited 1422d ago )

1. No.
2. It really, really depends. Usually, I wouldn't feel like censoring it unless it was particularly distasteful content (like rape or sexual abuse). Though I can definitely see how it could be a nice gesture to the sensibilities of certain gamers for a developer to have that as an option.

Heisenburger1422d ago

Would I like to be able to? Yes, absolutely I would love to have the option. I would (likely) never use it, but more options are always welcome to me.

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