Watch Dogs Creative Director Comments on PS4 Graphics, Sexual Content & More

"Lead Watch Dogs developer Jonathan Morin comments on various aspects of the game."

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The_Infected1211d ago

At the same resolution they both look very similar. Great to hear.

Yi-Long1211d ago

I want to know why the violence seems so very much toned down. It seriously looks like a lot of self-censorship has been going on.

I'm not a gore-hound by any means, but surely when you shoot a guy in the face, you expect quite a bit of blood, don't you...!?

svoulis1211d ago

Thank you I thought I was deranged or something expecting to see some splatter from blasting 6 or more shots in someones stomach. I think its just the trailers though, you know so they can put them as ads on Videos etc.

Naga1211d ago

Certainly, though perhaps they wanted to prevent Watch_Dogs from having the extreme image that Grand Theft Auto has earned over the years.

Heisenburger1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

One of my single favorite things in Red Dead Redemption was the gore. Like you I am not someone that get's off to violence... But when a man drew on me, before I knew it my gun was going back in it's holster and he was dead on the ground. I walked over to him and saw what was left of his head and said aloud "Jesus Christ.."

I love games that make me think things like "Don't make me kill you..." Said, not in a menacing way, but because I genuinely didn't want to have to kill them.

There have been a few games that make me feel that way, and I love it.

I *like the idea of Watch_Dogs. I'm not a maniac, and I'll only kill someone out of self preservation. There are bad guys doing bad things, and I'm going to try and stop them. But I'm not gonna kill a cop unless I'm backed into a corner. Having the heavy gore ala TLoU really made it more visceral for me. I would feel drained after a game session.

RE_L_MAYER1211d ago

well it doesnt really splatter,if you got a 45 or 50 caliber it might,you can look at it that me what matters is the holes(aftershot) how detailed are they and how many can be kept on a body

Yi-Long1211d ago

@RE_L-Mayer: The bullets to the face are just an example, but I'm sure there will be bigger caliber guns (shotguns) and such in the game, and there's a sort of ímpact' you would expect when you blast someone with that...

... not to mention running over people in your car.

I feel they'll keep everything as 'muted' as possible, so minor blood-splatter, minor pools of blood, and quickly disappearing dead bodies.

Like I said, I'm not really a gore hound, as in I wouldn't buy a game purely for the violence or gore, but I also feel it shouldn't be dumbed down or censored...

thorstein1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

So, now resolutiongate is dead (was DOA) we now replace it with goregate.

Why do I have the feeling that if this game contained an acceptable amount of blood that there would be some other aspect that would be a "controversy."

Maybe we can DOA this one too:

The ArabGamer article was proven false and all he did was backtrack when called out about it. He even claimed he would change the title of the article, but didn't. He lied, then changed the text in the "update" to try to make it seem like he wasn't. Lame.

Baccra171211d ago

Probably is toned down. As for why, to cover their asses and not be blamed for glorifying vigilantism.

Things are getting rough, and if someone goes the vigilante route and has remotely touched a videogame console guess which game they're going to pick to show on tv and vilify? At least with the toned down violence it won't look so bad watching a guy get shot in the face as it's paraded around for all to see on Fox news and what not.

Bigpappy1211d ago

Fallout 3 did that head shot thing really well. That game was not for the squeamish.

thorstein1210d ago

So I tweeted this question to
"Jonathan Morin [email protected]_Cave 7m
I said no unnecessary gore in takedowns. Blood spatter is in there but don't expect heads blowing up..."

There is the reply.

Yi-Long1210d ago

@Thorstein: Thanks :)

"I said no unnecessary gore in takedowns. Blood spatter is in there but don't expect heads blowing up..."

That's disappointing. When I shoot someone in the face with a shotgun, I DO expect a head blowing up. That's not 'unneccessary gore'. It's realistic!

I HATE self-censorship. This is extremely disappointing news.

Again, I'm not saying they should take it way OTT, but when I play an action game that's pretending to be a mature story in a mature setting with violent realistic actions taking place, it should absolutely NOT be dumbed/muted down, simply because some devs/gamers/critics MIGHT not 'like' that kinda violence.

The violence you can encounter in the game should reflect the kind of results you would get in a real situation.

The Man from Nowhere is a good example of a movie that does violence 'right', as in it's a good mix of 'entertaining' AND realistic; Violence is BRUTAL. And the emotion that brings with it has an impact on the viewer, and it should be the same when it's in a game, and it impacts the player.

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theXtReMe11211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

This is what people don't realize. They took that one trailer out of context and everybody ran with it without proper verification. The game looks phenomenal. The difference between the PC version and the PS4 version will be resolution. They said the streets may be more dense with civilians, maybe a few effects here and there, but for the most part they are going to look identical. As he said, at the same resolution, you will find it very hard to tell the difference between the PC version and the PS4.

If you go on to read his tweets, which he has done many today answering everybody's questions he can. He tells you that nothing has really changed as far as what we seen from past videos. If anything, things have gotten better as they had that extra time to clean it up. When you see a missing reflection or shadow, you're just seeing a time of day or some sort of interference with a light source that causes that reaction at that point of time. Since the lighting is dynamic, as well as the time of day, anything can happen at any given time to make things look a little different. Which is exactly what we saw in that trailer that everybody blasted apart saying the graphics were downgraded.

Everyone just needs to relax and understand that when they play the game, they are going to see how gorgeous it looks and how well it plays and all of their fears will be put to rest. Everybody who played the game a few weeks ago, all said the same thing. The game looks incredible, better than any open world game before it. Especially the world simulation and how everything works together to make the game world feel like our own.

Less than two months and we will all be enjoying this title. I hope everybody else is as excited as I am, to play this game. It has been my most anticipated title since it's unveil in 2012.

ITPython1211d ago

Infamous:SS has raised the bar for open-world games in terms of looks, heck it raised the bar for the best looking console game available right now.

As much as I would like it to, I seriously doubt Watch Dogs will come anywhere close to Infamous.

HugoDrax1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )


Exactly, open world games Infamous has raised the bar. Character facial models I would have to say Ryse has the best faces on characters so far. Anyhow being that Watch Dogs is an open world game similar to Infamous, if it doesn't look like the E3 showcase, then it will not look better than infamous second sons environment.

Bigpappy1211d ago

When you start those comparisons, the size of the worlds have to be added to the conversation.

starchild1211d ago

Not just the size of the worlds, but the density of cars and pedestrians, the lighting model and how dynamic lights behave, character models of both main characters and average NPCs, incidental world detail, physics interactions, dynamic time of day and weather changes, etc.

I think they will both have their strengths. I'm almost to beat Infamous Second Son soon and it IS a very nice looking game. I'm looking forward to playing Watch Dogs--it looks amazing too.

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Corpser1211d ago

It means new consoles are already holding back pc version

seanpitt231211d ago

Erm have you seen infamous SS the ps4 is a very capable system.

Irishguy951211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

Erm..have you seen Ryse the X1 is a very capable system.


Point is, the X1 may hold back the Ps4(depending on the dev) and the both of them are holding back the PC(Most devs), no one said they aren't capable. But they're still only as good as budget range gaming PC's, really, Ps4 is worth a 500 euro PC in terms of components if even, the GPU is a laptop model and the CPU is very weak, but well, they are top of the line hardware(as in, they are that powerful and sit in a tiny little box). ****, what else could you expect? It's very standard for consoles to hold back PC. It's just with every new console gen, the amount the PC is being held back gets smaller for a year or two.

Really, look at the potential for PC games in 2008, then 2010, the Consoles were immediately holding back PC's, the difference became huge VERY quickly. This time around the PS4 and X1 are actually weaker compared to the PS3/360. So they are holding back PC even more.

The thing with consoles is...30FPS

Edit - @ ColonolRex

XD, see, you still actually believe GG's ****? GG came out and stated that no, it's not native, Native is too taxing on the hardware so they tried something else. Deal with it, 1080i is 'technically' outputting 1080p too. That doesn't mean it's 1080p.

Tempest3171211d ago

I just want to say...what budget pc can play games that look like infamous at the same resolution/framerate? None of them. It may have similar hardware to a budget pc you can put together, but it has none of the overhead, therefore it will end up being considerably better because its using far closer to 100% of the available resources. Consoles hold pcs back for multiplatform, but at this point pc exclusives arent being held back due to consoles. If devs want/can use the power, they will. Games like star citizen prove this.

IndoAssassin1211d ago

Well if you want games exclusive to PC that will push the hardware. Then I hope you are interested in Star Citizen

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GDDR6_20141211d ago

This is teriible, how can it be great to hear? Oh ... I see for a ps4 gamer

starchild1211d ago

Don't worry about it. Devs always say things like this and it never turns out to be true. Yes, it will look similar in a general way, but the PC version will still have tangible advantages that take it to another level.

Nvidia is working with Ubisoft to push the PC version above and beyond the console versions. They did this with both Splinter Cell Blacklist and AC4 and both of those are indeed better on PC. Blacklist is MUCH better on the PC, while AC4 is quite a bit better but not as dramatically so.

The PC version will probably have higher quality shadows, higher fidelity post process effects, much better anti-aliasing, less pop-in, greater density of traffic and pedestrians, higher resolutions and smoother/higher framerates.

And according to the Nvidia E3 press event it seems they are advertising tessellation as a PC exclusive feature as well.

We'll find out more as the release date nears. I'm sure it will be an amazing looking game in any case.

Lior1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

If you max out it on pc at the same resolution i think you will see a difference don't fall for these debs trying to sell the game to console players look at battlefield 4

esemce1211d ago

There will be a big difference one will be locked at 30fps and the other will be capable of running at 60fps.

AgentSmithPS41211d ago

I wish they'd start releasing an adult version and a children's version of the same game, I'm tired of getting a censored sissy version of a game just because they want to make more money...

A game like this is trying to be realistic, when you see a vid of a guy getting shot with a shotgun at close range and see no blood at all it hints at all the censorship to come. Immersion breaking at its finest.

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No_Limit1211d ago

Good to hear that the PS4 version is close to the PC one.

cellmember1211d ago

Not if you intended to buy it on pc.Just means they were lazy with the pc version and didnt throw in the bells and whistles.

Kingthrash3601211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

lazy? 4 maybe 5 different console versions and a pc version, and you have the nerve to say lazy? they delayed the game for further optimizations on 5 different versions and you say lazy. smmfh its like you think games are easy to make...cross gen at that.
if it was a port with lag problems yeah say lazy.
if its a online only fps game with minimal game modes shotty frames no destruction or bullethole while being ugly in comparison to other this gen fps..say lazy.
but this open world, multi gen, multi plat, sp and mp game is far from lazy.
if on pc dont worry mod up and dont cry.

sorane1211d ago

I have to agree with cell. They could have easily had jacked up graphics on PC then just scaled them back for the ps4. It's a lot like when devs say the xbox one version looks like the ps4 version of a game and the whole interwebz goes nutz. Except that the power difference is multiplied compared to the power gap between the one and ps4. Not what anyone who games on PC wants to hear. Hopefully it'll be modded to fix these problems.

Kingthrash3601211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

why though? it will sell most on it's business...follow the money. they always follow the money.
'sides it will look better on pc anyway..ps4 will be close but not as good...whats the prob? cry when they make a ps4 game thats looking better than the pc o man...just mod up...look at skyrim...i mean damn!

jb1rd901211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

lazy lol? how about common sense to work on the most on the system that will sell the most lol. only a re re will put forth more money for a version that will sell the least out of all the versions. also only a hand full of pc gamers will be able to run it at elite levels... would be such a waste a time and money for the few pc elitist with systems of that caliber. dont be mad bc u spent alot of money on a pc when no one else did.

MysticStrummer1210d ago

"they were lazy with the pc version and didnt throw in the bells and whistles."

They don't bother trying to push graphics that only a small percentage of PC gamers will see. That's what doesn't make sense about the "consoles hold PCs back" argument. It's just a self entitled delusion that says "I upgraded my PC, therefore devs must cater to me". If more PC gamers tried to stay current with their hardware, suddenly consoles wouldn't be holding back PC gaming anymore.

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aquamala1211d ago

like all multi plat games, if PS4 version is hard to tell from PC version it means the developer is not taking advantage of more powerful PCs

cellmember1211d ago

@ Kingthrash360 The point is too many games today especially in the next gen crossover are cashcows. If the focus was on just next gen and pc only I think the game would be closer to its original target render. Developers should be making games to push what they can do and people expectations. So yes I say they are lazy and gamers shouldn't have to put up with so called next games which are just last gen with a bit of gloss.

esemce1211d ago

It wont be unless you gimp the PC or play on 5 year old system, this is PR. Do you think anyone at Ubi will say:

'er yeah we first revealed watchdogs on a pimped out PC and now we have scaled back the games detail becuase the consoles are just not that powerful'

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Games4ever1211d ago

Will there be an option to remove or censor sexual content and nudity in Watch Dogs?

What a stupid question.

cyhm31121211d ago

so that means xbone's version will be significantly inferior?

clarkjudo1211d ago

"This news has already inflamed yet another “resolutiongate” quarrel, with both PlayStation and Xbox One fans defending their respective consoles in light of these figures. The lower native resolutions for Xbox One fall in line as the console uses a graphical upscaler to hit 1080p resolution, and most gamers won’t really notice it during gameplay (this of course varies on a game-to-game basis), leaving some to conclude that the arguments are trivial matters." -

RE_L_MAYER1211d ago

should have called it xbox 960)))

HeWhoWalks1211d ago

@ clark: Whether or not people won't notice a "difference", the difference is there and real. Thus, nothing negates what I posted. He wanted facts and got them.

Eonjay1211d ago

In reference to the sexual content and nudity; does anyone regularly game with the kids or younger siblings around?

Also, is there anyone here who would rather be able to censor nudity during their own playthrough?

Naga1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

1. No.
2. It really, really depends. Usually, I wouldn't feel like censoring it unless it was particularly distasteful content (like rape or sexual abuse). Though I can definitely see how it could be a nice gesture to the sensibilities of certain gamers for a developer to have that as an option.

Heisenburger1211d ago

Would I like to be able to? Yes, absolutely I would love to have the option. I would (likely) never use it, but more options are always welcome to me.