How I Would Have Ended Final Fantasy X

PV writes: Now as a huge Final Fantasy fan (no surprise to regulars), there are a few things I wished I could have changed about the series. Apart from telling the guy “no” whom thought online MMO’s were a good idea, I have always been bothered by the ending of Final Fantasy X. See, Final Fantasy X was an awesome game, with a great story and solid characters. However there was something gravely wrong with this ending.

Before you jump on the “it was OK” bandwagon, I am not talking about the final movie ending. I’m backing down a little further here.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

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kalkano1577d ago

What...? I've never heard anyone say anything bad about the ending. It was perfect.

iamtehpwn1576d ago

Agreed. It's arguably one of the best endings in a video game thus far.

Baka-akaB1576d ago

I dont even like X's story and i admit it was a very moving and well done ending . If anything is wrong with it , it's building up a sequel for it imo

iamtehpwn1576d ago

In fairness though X didn't really end with a sequel in mind. Other FF's had ended a lot more mysteriously or open ended. 7 and 8 definitely come to mind.

Baka-akaB1576d ago

Tht's why i dont think there should even have been a sequel to X

Flutterby1576d ago


Nothing needs changing , I am not even reading the article for once because I don't wanna know what this heathen has to day.

richardkuohn1576d ago

It was good ending but I wouldn't say it was one of the best endings int the ff series though.

SirBradders1576d ago

Damn thing made me cry thoug that's gotta mean something considering I'm your typical hardened male.

Snookies121576d ago

Yeah, I think FFX was the first game that made me cry. So, that was pretty monumental, lol.

gano1575d ago

i'd hafta agree with rich.
Crisis core did it for me.
X was good, but zack the fukin man.

Nerdmaster1576d ago

I completely agree with him. I love FFX. But Yu Yevon wasn't a good last boss. He was not only easier than Jecht, but he really didn't have any character. For me he was almost as bad as FFIX's Necron.

Actually, even before reading his article, in my mind I always thought that if I could remake the game, Yu Yevon would try to turn Tidus against Yuna and her companions. "Tidus, if you join me, you can go back to Zanarkand, back to you life, back to your friends". And then we could choose to fight Yu Yevon, or become his pawn and fight Yuna. Of course, in my dream FFX remake, I would make the beginning of the game longer to introduce some of Tidus' friends, show a little more of his life in Zanarkand, and create a deeper meaning to the choice of returning to Zanarkand.

Oh, and I would also make a long cutscene showing the battle between Bevelle and Zanarkand, Yu Yevon creating Sin and whatnot.

This is one of the reasons why I always say that I'd preferred a thousand times a remake than a simple remaster. So many things could be improved...

Hicken1576d ago

Thing is: Yu Yevon didn't have that much left to him. That much consciousness was gone after a thousand years, as he'd succumbed to being what was the core of Sin for a millennia.

The ending the author wants wouldn't have worked. Part of the reason Yunalesca set up the religion of Yevon was do her father wouldn't be remembered as a psychopath (essentially), and so there would be a way to at least temporarily put an end to his rampages.

Allowing Yu Yevon to retain some semblance of consciousness would have ruined that. That's why he appears more as a symbol than a living thing: because his identity as an individual had faded, and all that remained was the driving force behind Sin.

I'd rather not change that.

gano1575d ago

we got x and x-2, on ps2.
can we get type-o please gotdammit pleaasseeee.
and crisis core complete hd finish. vita only.