AMD Dual Hawaii GPU Date is in April – Could this be the date Vesuvius R9 295X2 Finally Erupts?

It has just been confirmed that AMD is launching a Dual GPU card in the first 10 days of April. Could this be the monstrous R9 295X2 "Vesuvius" GPU that we have all been waiting for? Also rumors place the 'first 10 days launch' to be on 8th April.

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XBOTTOX1572d ago

If true, this is sooo overkill.
Obviously you would use this for more then that but still 16GB of ram in general is a ton

Milruka1572d ago

It would be 8GB, not 16.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

No it isn't, it isn't overkill at all. It's exactly right for it's core audience. Why is it people think just because they don't have a use for something or it's out of their price range it's overkill?

There is no card on the market that can effectively max Metro: Last Light with 4xSSAA, it's just not playable. Witcher 2 with SSAA again is ridiculous, Crysis 3 as well. Than you throw in eyefinity and triple monitor setups and people moving to 4K screens. For the majority of the public it's insane, but it doesn't mean it's overkill in anyway.

edit: Looked it up and what I found was 290X in crossfire get's about 14fps average on Metro Last Light on 4K resolution, not playable at all. Didn't say if it included SSAA, which most likely it doesn't and it most likely isn't needed either.

edit: milruka if it's any less than 8GB that's a huge over sight.

XBOTTOX1571d ago

@Miruka it is either 4GB x2 or 8GB x2. I just read up on this card actually.


If you have an sli/crossfire setup your results will vary. This is basically two gpus being sold as one. These arent even in the same range as a 290x dude, thats a consumer card. This thing has 4 4k-out ports, potentially 16gb of gddr5 (ON ONE CARD)

I have no use for this and neither does the general public. Just because there are tons of graphics options doesnt mean you need to have them all on.

This is what they made LAST LIGHT on lol

Ipunchbabiesforfun1571d ago

What are you talking about? The 295x is two 290X's on a single die. It isn't in the same rein as a 290x, it's far higher. It's more comparable to the Titan Black than any other card. General public doesn't need it? lol ok. 4K screens say, yes we do.

and some of us like turning on all the options. It's our money, so it doesn't really matter what anyone thinks. This will sell well

Qwagy UK1572d ago

And the JPEG represents how much HEAT the GPU's will give off.

gamernova1572d ago

Just about to say that. I like a lot of the stuff AMD offers (like their wicked game packages) but that temp is just too high for my taste.

duplissi1572d ago

Only if you buy a reference card. I assume you are refering to the 290/x.

The aftermarket versions show that they are no different than any card with proper cooling.

Dunno who at AMD thought it would be a good idea to go with that shitty cooler in the first place.

ABizzel11572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

They've got their cooling down, so that joke is a bit old. The newer 290x no longer have the heating issues.

srood1571d ago

i think you can use it instead of your oven too lol