PlayStation Still <3s Devs — 1,000 Self-Publishers

PS4 has been met with an amazing amount of enthusiasm and excitement from both gamers and developers alike since its launch back in November, and the 6 million gamers who have already bought PS4 have really embraced this next-generation gaming experience. We’ve got more than 100 games scheduled to launch on PS4 this year alone, including Watch_Dogs, The Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny, and The Order: 1886

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MasterCornholio1570d ago

Thank you for supporting gamers and designing a great console.

Sony is throwing a party and they deserve it.

Greatness Awaits yep there's still more great things to come for the platform.

Congrats Sony.

Naga1570d ago

I hope there's a good way to find the quality in the midst of such enormous quantity.

darthv721570d ago

like any platform where there is an abundance of games. there will always be those diamonds in the rough. you cant take every devs word for it that their game is the one to play but you have to give them credit for being so passionate about their work.

word of mouth and trial and error are two methods to consider.

Naga1570d ago

Agreed. I guess the essence of my thinking on this is that the guided access to such a multitude of indie games will make or break the success of this segment of the market.

I would venture to guess that most people don't have the patience to search for a needle in a large haystack, so it behooves them to create the best environment for efficiently seeking these out, and I really hope they remember that.

deep_fried_bum_cake1570d ago

That's pretty impressive. I'm sure there'll be some gems mixed in there.

sAVAge_bEaST1570d ago

Gamers still <3 Playstation.

n4gamingm1570d ago

its gonna be like the 360 indie store gotta go searching for that diamond in the rust. Hopefully you can demo the games.

Hicken1570d ago

Diamonds in the rust?

BitbyDeath1570d ago

360 indie store had a 50mb limit on games, with those limitations you were lucky to find any good games.

DigitalRaptor1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

I think Sony is promoting indies individually on PS4 more than MS ever did on 360. They only really promoted the arcade games with the "Summer of Arcade" stuff.

If you're a discerning gamer, you should have no trouble finding what games you think are good and what are not. They post enough upcoming indie news on their official blog and youtube channels, that you shouldn't have trouble finding what you think looks good or not.

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