Xbox One and Titanfall bundle makes the Microsoft game console a better deal than the PS4

The Xbox One is now available in a bundled package with Titanfall, the most eagerly anticipated game for the console so far—and the retailers Walmart and Best Buy recently cut the price of the bundle to $450, from $500.

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xHeavYx1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

"Buying a game along with the PS4 would bring the cost up to $460. If you wanted to add the PS4's camera, that adds another $60, bringing the total price up to $520"

Here is a classic example of something known as the "grasping at straws" logic.
Edit: As Abash said below, you would need to add the $60 you need in order to get the Xbox Live subscription to the Xbox bundle price

DanielGearSolid1599d ago

Not really...

Pretty valid point...

But there are counterpoints

Abash1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

It's just pretty dumb logic. I mean one can easily say "Sure you get Titanfall and the Xbox One for $500, but you need to buy a $60 Xbox Live subscription to play it making the actual price $560"

The fact is the PS4 is still only $400 and the Xbox One is $500

Hatsune-Miku1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Lol. This is the silliest thing I've heard in a long time. You can buy a ps4 and ps plus and get a bunch of free games and a lot of free to play games vs getting an expensive xbox one with titanfall. Until the xbox one is 50 percent cheaper than the ps4 it can never be a good value in my opinion. Ps4 is over 50 percent more powerful with the amazing ps plus as option which is way better than xbl.

Unless a ps4 is not working correctly and is being sold at an inflated price the xbox one is never a better deal. If you only want to play titanfall you can get a pc or xbox 360. People can like the xbox one over ps4 or whatever else and they can love and prefer the games but when it comes to common sense like which is a better value, which one is more powerful, which one has better online service when it comes on to value etc etc then ps4 wins. To each their own

The day you buy your ps4 you can start playing games on psn without ps plus or buying any games

Corpser1599d ago

@abash Xbox one is not $500, it's $450 and comes with Titalfall, and why would you add the cost of xbl and not ps+? We forgetting ps4 doesn't have free online anymore?

Death1599d ago

If you want an Xbox One and Titanfall, the $450 is a great deal. If you are looking for a PS4 and Infamous, you are still looking at $460. The buy in price for both consoles with their hottest game is pretty much the same today. If you are also in the market for either companies camera, the Xbox One becomes the better deal since it is included in the box. It all depends on what you are looking for.

Neonridr1599d ago

@Death but you do need Live to play Titanfall, you don't need PS+ to play Infamous. So you have to factor in the price.

If you add in the PS4 Camera, then they stay the same overall, but since the Camera is an option, the PS4 works out as the better deal.

Now when Titanfall 2 rolls around and it releases on the PS4, then you have to factor in PS+ pricing as well.

truefan11599d ago

Is this really what gaming has come to, arguing about $10 price differences. My question to the typical aggressive ps4 fans ( heavy, hatsun, Abash) Why does a good XB1 deal make you that mad?

Death1599d ago

Yes, if you want to play online with either console you have to factor in the subscription. The Titanfall bundle does include a 1 month subscription for free so if you want to get more than a month out of Titanfall you will need to subscribe. For $450 though you can grab the bundle and play when you get home at no extra charge.

darthv721599d ago

@miku...PS+ on the PS4 is severely lacking in the free games as compared to the PS3. So while you comment about sign up for "ps plus and get a bunch of free games and a lot of free to play games" is is also slightly off target.

Currently on the PS store i can find 2 free games (Resogun and Dead nation) listed for PS4 as well as 4 free to play for the PS4. PS3 has much more to offer in both regards (12+ for ea.).

im not disagreeing with you but just trying to put your comment into the correct context.

No_Limit1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

It is $450 with Titanfall and including Kinect vs. $460 for PS4 and inFamous. How you guys keep forgetting to add PSN plus on PS4 while adding it to XB1 is just comical. The Titanfall bundle comes with one month's Live BTW.

Edit @ xHeavXx,

So are you saying that PS4 owners like you will not get an online only game like Destiny when it comes out and will only going to stick with single player games? Com on, lets be realistic here.

xHeavYx1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Are you seriously comparing the amount of games you get for free between a device that has been out for around 8 years to a device that hasn't been out for not even 8 months?
Come on dude, you can do better than that. You still get a free game a month for the PS4

You keep forgetting that you don't need PS+ to play InFamous SS

ltachiUchiha1599d ago


How do u own a ps4 & not remember that u dont need to be a ps plus member to play Infamous Second Son? Lol obviously your true colors are showing again lol.

ZombieDust1599d ago

In reply to the people you dont need psn+ to play infamous, aren't you only getting half a game then if thats the case, you know since titanfall is called half a game.

darthv721599d ago

@heavy...yes i am. As i said, i was not disagreeing. But to imply that you get a bunch of games when its currently only 4 free to play and 2 PS+ for the PS4. That is why miku's comment just needed a bit of clarification.

And obviously the number of games will increase over time. no argument there. But back to the main topic, you dont need PS+ to play the F2P games. You do need it to get the free games and to play online which I:SS does not have multiplayer.

We can all agree on that point.

dedicatedtogamers1599d ago

The only missing part of this article is the irony that the PS4 is still outselling this "deal".

PONTIAC08G8GT1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

The pricing is accurate though no matter how you want to spin it if you look at just the numbers.

One system costs $450 and you get a free game. Another system costs you $460 with a game. And if you want the camera, add more onto the PS.

Now that's just looking at the systems as "equals" and we all know they aren't. But to the casual person who just wants to buy a system, they may see one as being cheaper and buy that.

And please, stop making it out that you "need" the Xbox Live subscription. If you want to game online yes, just like you need to buy one for the PS is you want to play multiplayer. And you can get subscriptions for $35. Only an idiot would pay full price. And if you buy a subscription, its for ALL online gaming, not just Titanfall. SO everyone argument where "well infamous you don't need a subscription." Ok, what about when you buy Killzone maybe a month later? Or want to play BF or COD? Both consoles you need a subscription to get the most out of it. You want to play online multiplayer, both systems need subscriptions.

kickerz1599d ago

Honestly if $10 or whatever the differences is now is so important to you.. ( maybe you haven't got a job or your a student) gaming may not be for you. There's other options though, maybe pick up a ps3 or a 360, their real cheap now and games are like $10.

Oner1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

I see lots of goal post moving going on in here, and I cannot for the life of me fathom what is so difficult to understand...

Especially when the specific comparison (as stated in the article) that the writer is trying to make is explained like this in the utmost of basic terms that any reasonable non-delusional person should be able to comprehend.

XB1 & Titan Fall = $450

PS4 + Game = $460

That is factually correct. BUT the problem with that is ***and I cannot emphasise this enough*** YOU CANNOT PLAY TITANFALL AT ALL UNLESS YOU BUY A LIVE! SUBSCRIPTION.

So you are actually NOT getting a "better value" because you absolutely cannot, in any way shape or form, play or use it at all. So how can anyone actually believe/say that is a better deal? Would ANYONE care to refute or explain that somehow? Because I dare you to try.

At least with the PS4 + Game you can ACTUALLY play it, as well as utilize other aspects of the system not locked behind a paywall i.e. Internet, Netflix/Redbox, Hulu etc. along with having access to a few additional FREE TO PLAY titles right out of the box.

Now if you factor in LIVE! & PS+ the value is STILL in favor of a PS4 (and before anyone tries to interject with "you can get LIVE! at a discount", don't forget that you can ALSO get PS+ at a discount, so it still ultimately nullifies each other either way) so on to the new math using BOTH of their retail prices (just as the article uses for their comparo) ~

XB1 & Titan Fall + LIVE! = $510

PS4 + Game + PS Plus = $510

Need I say more? I really shouldn't have too, but I know I still do for those hard headed & stubborn enough to possibly disagree somehow...see the additional things you get with a subscription to PS+ (MANY free games on multiple systems, access to the multiplayer on that 1 game as denoted in the article and so on) make it an even BETTER value.

So in either case (with or without the cost of a subscription based service) it's clear that fundamentally the "value" is with a PS4...and that is what the SPECIFIC topic in the article was trying to convey, albeit incorrectly since all the facts were not presented properly. Lastly (and to finish off all the points the article writer tried to skew in favor of the XB1) the PS4 camera is NOT key for the system to function whereas the Kinect IS for the Xbox One design. Thus it is not a factor to begin with.

And all that above doesn't even weigh in other factually significant benefits like higher quality multiplatform titles and such along with IF you get the Xbox One @ $450 when it is NOT that price everywhere.

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Neonridr1599d ago

well you aren't really grasping if you are just simply reporting facts Heavy. But I get what you are saying.

While it does work out to be cheaper, in all honesty it should have been from the start seeing as it's using weaker hardware.

xHeavYx1599d ago

Like Abash said, you need to add $60 for Xbox Live

Neonridr1599d ago

true enough, but you can always find Xbox Live deals for cheaper than the Suggested Retail Price.

And had Titanfall released on the PS4 you would have needed PS+ to play it.

Why o why1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

@neon....agreed. the sad thing for microsoft is even though there's some value parity people are still overwhelming grabbing ps4s.

In regards to deaths post and in agreeance with your reply, xbl has to be factored into that equation for the simple reason that it's mandatory for that title.

Whats not really being said is that we all pretty much know its the kinect thats hiked up the x1's price. The thing is many people dont see value in that. If the ps eye attach rate was even over 50 percent you could understand the writer factoring its cost into his argument but it isnt. Not everybody wants a camera.

PONTIAC08G8GT1599d ago


You need one for online multiplayer for PS too. Or did you forget that so your argument looks better? How are you going to play COD and BF online with your PS4 without a subscription?


Neonridr1599d ago

I agree, but I guess with the Titanfall Bundle you HAVE to get Live to actually play it (minus the free month you get with the game). Obviously the PS4 has no Multiplayer only games, so you could still technically play any game on the PS4 offline without the need for PS+.

But nowadays, who doesn't have Live or PS+?

They are both quickly becoming the standard.

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You would have to add $50 for PS+ as well... You are the one grasping for straws lol

HeWhoWalks1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

No, you don't. LIVE is REQUIRED for Titanfall, PS+ is not for inFAMOUS. That was his point.

OT: Regardless of how we gauge the "better deal" (which I can understand the argument for the X1, to a degree), the PS4 remains the "better seller". Perhaps the consumer has already spoken?

Bernlock1599d ago

Why would you spend 400 bucks on a console and not play online! Thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard. Thats like buying a brand new 2000 dollar TV and trying to hook a fucking antenna up to it

No_Limit1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Yea, so PS4 owners will just ignore games like Destiny, Killzone and other games that are coming out that requires online to get the best out of the experience and only going to stick with single player games like inFamous? Lets be realistic here.

GutZ311599d ago

The difference is, Xbox one would require XBL gold before ps4 in this instance.
The free to play games on ps4 do not need PS+ to play online, and the ps4 streaming video apps, and story driven games are possible to play without PS+.

XBL still blocks almost all apps from working unless you have payed for gold.
You can still play your single player games on Xbox one, but you are limited greatly by what Microsoft allows on their systems(there are no free to play games on xbox one).

Business wise, this is Microsoft win, as they force more people into buying in.

Consumer wise, Sony wins for giving a little, while taking away free multiplayer from traditional gaming.

All in all, both need subscription if you are a social gamer.
I just think microsoft could learn a thing or two from sony when it comes to giving back a little, IE; allow apps without paywall.

PONTIAC08G8GT1599d ago

You have to remember, people leave out facts when trying to make their argument seem logical. They act like infamous is the only game PS owners play. Killzone, COD, BF, Madden, etc etc if you want online multiplayer you need a PS subscription. And if someone buys an X1 they do need a subscription for titanfall, but they can also use it for all the other games available.

But that just makes too much sense so we'll just go with Xbox you have to buy Live and PS you dont. Simple.

Stunmonk1599d ago

Guess I am dumb then as I do not play online. There are many single player games to enjoy and hold my attention. So in my case if I wanted to play titanfall I would have to buy gold for an additional $60 making the cost $560.00 Now excuse me while I go hook up rabbit ears to my $1700 tv.

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joab7771599d ago

Kinda like when ppl told me the 360 was cheaper. I had to pay for gold, for wireless adapter. I had to by their harddrive with an adapter. Cost a damn fortune.

Heres the kicker though. The PS3 was the more powerful machine...and the gap between the PS4 and xbone is even bigger. So, it isnt a better deal. I dont want a camera. Instead I got another controller. And guess what, PS4 will also have bundles and price cuts...but the xbone will never have ddr5 ram.

Kingnichendrix1599d ago

well if you have a Gaming Pc, who cares titanfall isnt that great and its not even really exclusives unrelated to your post but thought i'd say it...

InTheLab1599d ago

A better deal born of desperation. What happened to the people that said kinect made the Xbox one a better deal back in November ?

Jessika_S1599d ago

The price is now $489.99 the price drop is only for a limited time to move some of the consoles they have. A lot of this store over purchased stock and now they have to much and they want to move them out so they are dropping the price to clear some space then it will go back up to $500 so if you wanted one now is the time to get it.

system221599d ago

its not grasping at straws, its a valid point. you get a console, a superior camera/motion tracking system (don't worry i love the ps4 in general) and a game... for less money. less money for the same amount of stuff is in fact a better value. It's especially relevant considering a point of contention for xbox sales was the fact that the ps4 was simply perceived as a better value proposition and why people debated the mandatory inclusion of kinect etc..

xHeavYx1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Like it's been said many times, you need to add $60 for Live, you don't need a camera or PS+ to play InFamous

Pogmathoin1599d ago

Posting a Story you clearly believe is BS then commenting on it, confirming your BS thoughts..... That is called extreme trolling..... Brilliant....

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AceBlazer131599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

PS4 + inFamous Second Son = $460

Xbox One TF Bundle + Xbox Live Gold = $560

Anyone can throw numbers in their favour. You don't need ps+ to make your ps4 useful unlike Xbox consoles which are a brick without gold.

@nifonge Did the price cut become official yet? Genuine question.

fonger081599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Xbox One TF Bundle + Xbox Live Gold= $510* (at most retailers)
PS4 + inFamous Second Son + PS Plus = $520

If you throw what you get with PS Plus (couple of free games right away) the PS4 is still technically a better value.

@PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt technically you don't, but if you want to an apples to apples comparison you would throw in PS +

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1599d ago

Why would you need ps+ to play infamous? You dont so it stays at 460.

Now if you want to play online then you add ps+ but your also recieving free games monthly so idk why this article is trying to front.

Ps4> one

Xbots say anything to try and get the upper hand lmao sad

Neonridr1599d ago

everyone seems to forget that if Titanfall had released on the PS4 you would have needed PS+ to play that game. So why can't you factor it in?

ThunderSpark1599d ago

Everyone seems to forget that if Titanfall had indeed released on the PS4 it would be the better version graphics wise, which would make it the better buy regardless. Anybody can bring up a counterpoint. Fact is PS4 is the better raw deal. Better hardware for cheaper.

joab7771599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

8 gb of ddr5 vs. Ddr3 ram...nuff said.

I will get an xbone at some point cuz I loved them both last gen. But unless u LOVE kinect, it will be a long time and the price will have to be $50-100 cheaper to be worth purchasing over a ps4.

Bernlock1599d ago

you have to factor in PS plus. Because no idiot would spend 400 bucks on a console and never play online. Pure bullshit

Jessika_S1599d ago

Your wrong the price of the Xbox One went up to $489.99 at Amazon and it will go back up to $499.99 once they move some stock. They have to many and are trying to move them out.

fonger081599d ago

@Jessika_S so you're saying if I don't go to Walmart, Target, or Bestbuy online, add an Xbox TitanFall to my cart it doesn't come out to 449.99 + tax??? It looks like it still does as of 2 mintues ago. Amazon will of course match those store's pricing as well.

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DanielGearSolid1599d ago

Read the article he's talking about the $450 price point for the x1 bundle

fonger081599d ago

Technically no... but Walmart, Bestbuy, and Target have had it marked down for about two weeks now... it's like the sale that will never end, type of thing.

Neonridr1599d ago

At Best Buy for $499 you get the Xbox One, Titanfall and Forza.

Speak_da_Truth1599d ago

look at that deal yet the ps4 is still outselling the xbone 2:1 world wide. thats a shame lol

joab7771599d ago

It is a bit insane that the ps4 is selling so well despite having nothing to play on it...unless u love dcuo or warframe. Wait until the exclusives and multi platforms start rolling out. Then MS is gonna have to cut the price even further.

They should have sold a $400 kinect less machine, then announced it atb this years E3.

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candy_mafia1599d ago

Yup that's freekin' awesome!....but think I'll just stick with my PS4 though :)

WeAreLegion1599d ago

Interesting. Should boost sales for a week or so.

candy_mafia1599d ago

I like your thought process :)