German Version of South Park: Stick of Truth Censors Nazi’s in Hilariously Lazy Fashion

After a three week delay, the German version of South Park: Stick of Truth has been released, with added censors.

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wordthrower1355d ago

you must be talking about some other game, this article is about south park

Conzul1356d ago

LoL @ Germany's Nazi phobia. Talk about your pendulum effect.

frostypants1355d ago

It seems odd that in am effort to prevent Nazi sentiments, they'd seemingly try to whitewash history. That the best way to repeat it.

Conzul1355d ago

Maybe they're tired of apologizing. I know I'd be by now if I were them.

thejigisup1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Could've probably gotten away with putting dicks instead black boxes. But they black boxes are full of win.

contradictory1356d ago

i love how the enemy's name is still Nazi Zombie :D
can't really blame them for being lazy with it
i wouldn't really give a f*** at that point either.

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