New Ultra Street Fighter IV Video Features Sagat

A new Ultra Street Fighter IV video is now available, highlighting the tweaks made for Sagat

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wannabe gamer1600d ago

capcom really knows how to milk a game dont they.

Kyosuke_Sanada1600d ago

Capcom: "We have NO MONEY for a new Street Fighter!! So buy Ultra Street Fighter IV"

-opens mobile gaming studio-

PurpHerbison1600d ago

They have done it since the early 90s, only now do people want to bitch and complain about it.

PurpHerbison1600d ago

As a competitive player and enthusiast, I love that they keep making iterations for what is probably my 3rd favorite fighting game ever.

wannabe gamer1599d ago

i always complained about it.

nosferatuzodd1600d ago

same look im not buying this why can't they use different animation style the same formula this is what i hate about capcom EA and those scum who produce CAll of duty, milk it like a cow damn them

REDBEARD1600d ago

Sagat is my main! I can't wait to try Rolento.

josephayal1600d ago

best fighting game of all time

1600d ago