Will Elder Scrolls Online Survive with a Subscription Model?

In this article ESO Masters discusses the reasons why The Elder Scrolls Online may have the strength to survive in the MMO universe and also hits on reasons why it may find itself on a sinking ship in the coming months.

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Garethvk1572d ago

We got our review unit today so we can start the reviews on Sunday but are under embargo from publishing a review until later. Curious to see how it plays vs the Beta.

Alduin1572d ago

Curious, too. The beta was very shaky and had quite a few glitches. I love the Elder Scrolls series so I'm really hoping they can give it a good shine but I feel like that's a lot of polish work to do in a short time period. We'll see, though.

Garethvk1571d ago

I did not have as many glitches as I expected but I was hoping to get away from that constant grind that is so common with games of this type. To me it could have been any MMORPG of the last 10 years as here was little if any change of significant notice. I know the branching storylines and such but we saw that with The Old Republic.

candy_mafia1571d ago

If it does, it will do so without my money.....

fenome1571d ago (Edited 1571d ago )

Same with me, I tend to vote with my wallet on these issues. I'm not willing to pay a subscription fee to play just one game, especially considering it has a full-price entry fee and supports micro-transactions as well.

I just can't condone or justify supporting a game that incorporates all 3 of these price models at the same time.

That's the only reason I skipped on Final Fantasy VIX even though it looked like I would enjoy it a lot.

ShadowKingx1571d ago

pc maybe, consoles, with the exception of a few, no , i for one was looking forward to this game, but i got bored quick with the beta.

Alduin1571d ago

Definitely not on consoles. They aren't an MMO crowd plus Xbox One players will have to pay the $15/mo sub fee on top of Xbox Live... yeah, won't happen.

DarkEnergy1571d ago

A realm Reborn seems to be doing well on console's. I'm getting this for ps4 know quite a few other people that are too. Time will tell :)

The main hardware this game will have a problem with will be Xbox One as like you said, xbox live as well as a sub (and the game)

But all the best to however / whatever everyone plays on.

dcj05241571d ago

A realm reborn is doing great on ps3 and many are buying for PS4

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The story is too old to be commented.