Will Elder Scrolls Online Survive with a Subscription Model?

In this article ESO Masters discusses the reasons why The Elder Scrolls Online may have the strength to survive in the MMO universe and also hits on reasons why it may find itself on a sinking ship in the coming months.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1358d ago

Not a chance. I heard a ton of people from the beta said the game was trash. It's was a boring and the gameplay was very dull.

Alduin1358d ago

Beta wasn't the best but it was a beta. Hoping things are a lot more polished upon final release. The beta had a ton of bugs, too.

xPhearR3dx1357d ago

It's a lot easier to complain or trash something online than it is to see someone praise something. The Imperial Edition for each platform sold out within a couple days and has been on the top of multiple retailers top seller list since January.

There's millions who actually enjoy the game and understand it's not, and was never meant to be "Skyrim online". Myself included. I was invited to nearly every beta test, and played every single one for as much as possible over those weekends. I personally have the physical Imperial Edition pre-ordered and can't wait to start playing tomorrow.

BX811357d ago

That sux. Why the gap between PC and console launch?

camel_toad1357d ago

I thought the beta was decent but not good enough for a subscription.

ZodTheRipper1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I don't think that any game these days is good enough for a subscription ...seriously, this business model needs to go. I would be kinda okay with it if would be free at first and then have a subscription but 60 bucks + 15 bucks per month? That's simply too much, I don't have the time to make this investment worth it.

I'm so glad that Destiny is a one-time purchase.

SkippyPaccino1357d ago

Maybe if they gave you 3 free months when you buy the game and if you're still into it after those months, you fork over for the monthly subscription...

liquidhalos1356d ago


Thats a damn good idea. As it stands I'm not interested in eso at all, but if they were to offer 3 free months to play and get hooked I'd give it a go. The only mmo I've ever played was wow, and the only reason I tried it was because I was offered 2 months free. Needless to say it sapped 2 years of my life and is the game responsible for getting me hooked on rpgs. in an ideal world I'd love to see wow come to consoles, I know it will never happen but maybe something equally good will land one day.

BlingBlaine1356d ago

This games success depends on what WE THE GAMERS do post launch. I highly recommend NOT buying anything untill at least they lower the monthly fee or discount the game price or both!

Bethesda is capitalizing on the fact that they are the first to do the mmorpg game on next gen. Dont reward them for a half azzed game that is just taking advantage of timing and not creating quality that we want.

Besides WE ALL WANT FALLOUT NOT SKYRIM ONLINE!!!!! Bethesda doesnt listen or care about us look at the debacle of framerate issues and belated and cancelled and released dlc with ps3 skyrim, they screwed us and ran with M$ all the way to the bank.

Vote with your Wallets.

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Amazingmrbrock1357d ago

It really wasn't that bad. The quests were quite well written, and the gameplay was quite different than any other mmo I've played. Mainly in that it was first person and more action rpg than click and timer based rpg, it had a quick fluid feel too it. The attacks even felt less flaily than skyrim did which is a bonus for sure. That being said it was very buggy and definitely needs some work with difficulty and balance.

candy_mafia1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Don't sweat it, I can see this one going F2P within 6 months of release... and it will pi$$ those who supported a paid subscription model off.

However, I'm totally sure those who 'paid the piper' will be compensated with in-game currency/items, or a full refund should they request it.

I know, I should totally work in PR :)

dcj05241357d ago

I wish you were in charge of BF4 PR lol. Free premium for everyone!

Eonjay1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I disagree. I asked one of my coworkers who is an avid Skyrim player, and he insisted that he would be willing to pay each month to play ESO.

Summons751357d ago

I've known people who've played in all the beta's and they like the game a lot more now than the originally did. They fixed a lot (which is the point of a beta) and it's really turning into a great mmo.

The only people I've heard say it's going to be bad are the people who are not Elder Scrolls have and have only played Skyrim and/or Oblivion.

Personally, it's probably going to be the first MMo I stick with. It's plays and feels like a modern Elder Scrolls game (with obviously some small changes for balance) and doesn't force you to play in a group like most MMOs do. You get to play the way you want, by yourself or with a group.

Hoesntly the hate behind this game is very unjustified. People were begging or a completely open world ES since I can remember that isn't 2 and want multiplayer since....well mostly Skyrim that I really noticed. So they give people what they want and they cry about it.

candy_mafia1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

@Summons75 your comment made me feel bad ;(

I don't hate Elderscrolls Online Summons75, promise. I just can't see myself paying $60 and another $15 pm to play it. I wouldn't be able to commit the time to justify the cause....

I love fantasy games, I love Elderscrolls lore and I am waiting in anticipation for Dragon Age Inquisition and the Witcher 3.

It wasn't my intention to be salty about it, or to upset all the ESO fans. I really hope you love it, and that it's a runaway success, inspite of my prior comment ;)

MRMagoo1231357d ago

I spent a lot of time on the beta sniper and imo one of the worst mmos to date, the world felt like an empty waste land and the bad thing is i wanted it to do really well because i love the elder scrolls games. There was so much wrong with it that i would not even play it if it was free to play, things that betas wont fix because its the core of the game that just starts out wrong. I cant really put it into words the best thing to do would be watch some vids of gameplay or try it out your self for a month.

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Garethvk1358d ago

We got our review unit today so we can start the reviews on Sunday but are under embargo from publishing a review until later. Curious to see how it plays vs the Beta.

Alduin1358d ago

Curious, too. The beta was very shaky and had quite a few glitches. I love the Elder Scrolls series so I'm really hoping they can give it a good shine but I feel like that's a lot of polish work to do in a short time period. We'll see, though.

Garethvk1358d ago

I did not have as many glitches as I expected but I was hoping to get away from that constant grind that is so common with games of this type. To me it could have been any MMORPG of the last 10 years as here was little if any change of significant notice. I know the branching storylines and such but we saw that with The Old Republic.

candy_mafia1357d ago

If it does, it will do so without my money.....

fenome1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Same with me, I tend to vote with my wallet on these issues. I'm not willing to pay a subscription fee to play just one game, especially considering it has a full-price entry fee and supports micro-transactions as well.

I just can't condone or justify supporting a game that incorporates all 3 of these price models at the same time.

That's the only reason I skipped on Final Fantasy VIX even though it looked like I would enjoy it a lot.

ShadowKingx1357d ago

pc maybe, consoles, with the exception of a few, no , i for one was looking forward to this game, but i got bored quick with the beta.

Alduin1357d ago

Definitely not on consoles. They aren't an MMO crowd plus Xbox One players will have to pay the $15/mo sub fee on top of Xbox Live... yeah, won't happen.

DarkEnergy1357d ago

A realm Reborn seems to be doing well on console's. I'm getting this for ps4 know quite a few other people that are too. Time will tell :)

The main hardware this game will have a problem with will be Xbox One as like you said, xbox live as well as a sub (and the game)

But all the best to however / whatever everyone plays on.

dcj05241357d ago

A realm reborn is doing great on ps3 and many are buying for PS4

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