Make it a (Virtual) Reality: Metal Gear Solid

VRFocus - Your back is against the wall, both literally and figuratively. You’ve made it past the first guard, virtually tip-toeing your way around him as he continued to sleep on the job. Now you’re pressed up against a container, planning your next move. You decide to risk a quick peek out in front, inching your head slowly around the corner. Two more enemies, one standing meters away. You run your hand up against the wall and lightly tap it, gaining his attention. As he heads toward you, you sneak around the other way until your footsteps make an unexpected splash. You look down to see your foot making ripples in a puddle. The guard’s footstep’s quicken. It’s time to run.

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SuperYakuzaFan1516d ago

Metal Gear Solid amazing universe to go into Virtual Reality.I would never leave that universe

PoSTedUP1516d ago

especially the FPS part, kojima really payed attention to detail as far as gun animations, sounds, recoil, extra bullet in the chamber and feel of shooting. i would love to be immersed more with VR, it would be intense!

Kyosuke_Sanada1516d ago

I don't know if this would translate well gameplay-wise but I would love to see the cockpit of Metal Gear Ray...............maybe Konami could get make a robot franchise going along the lines of the original Steel Battalion for Xbox......