Watch Dogs - Latest Q&A Details Weather, Day/Night Cycle, NPCs, Environments & Vehicles

Ubisoft has issued a new Q&A in which the French company answers - among other things - a number of questions about Watch Dogs' NPCs, day/night cycle, and weather system.

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Cobain191606d ago

75 different vehicles with their physics? Sounds interesting.

john21606d ago

Definitely. Will be interesting to see whether modders will be able to replace them too

DoomeDx1606d ago

Game has no mod support. Like every other Ubisoft game

US8F1605d ago


Trust me, mod support or not, if people want to mod it, they will. Look at GTA IV as an example. From the ubisoft side, look at farcry 3. Mods are always possible for any game, as long as it keeps the modders interested. That is why I'm getting the game for PC