PlayStation Plus in April: Pro Evo 2014, Mercenary Kings, Sly Cooper, more

Hi everyone! PlayStation Plus is proud to present some huge titles coming your way this April including a day one exclusive on PS4, epic battles on the pitch and a master thief in some sneaky adventures.

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Abash1397d ago

Sly: Thieves in Time is one of my favorite PS3 games, glad that even more gamers can enjoy it through PS+

nero20821397d ago

well EU got Batman AC like...year ago

calis1397d ago

Man, this plus is amazing.

I've been on holiday for the past 8 months and had a list of games I wanted to get when I got to New York. This list is dwindling due to Plus, including Sly Cooper now.

Totally awesome.

calis1397d ago

Will be 10 months when I get back home.

Flutterby1397d ago

10 months is not a holiday it's called unemployment.

calis1396d ago

Travelling the world is unemployment?
Being still employed while doing it is unemployment?

Well, my life sure does suck.

MRMagoo1231396d ago

I am pretty sure that was meant to be a joke calis lighten up.

Panthers1396d ago

I think what he meant to say is, where do I apply for that job?

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fardan851397d ago

I guess I'm finally gonna be able to try the Sly & Hotline Miami. I'm hyped for Mercenary Kings.

Prime1571396d ago

I was looking at buying mercenary kings. Sounds like a 2d RPG that played like metal slug.

lelo1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

I want to renew my PSN+ account because of the PS4 I just purchased, but with the games offered so far for PS4, no thanks. Waiting another month to see what's going to be released on PSN+ for PS4.

I hope Sony's PSN+ offerings for PS4 vastly improve in the future.

"a free game is a free game dude"

It's NOT a free game. If you think paying 50€ a year, so that you get a "free/loaned" indie game a month is a good deal, then enjoy.
For me that's a very bad deal.
Until Sony starts "offering" better PS4 games, PSN+ is a no go for me.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1397d ago

a free game is a free game dude. you cant just not get PS4 because they dont give you the free games you want lmao..

you should be happy the service you have offers great deals like that in the first place.

calis1397d ago

PS4 is still in its infancy. The available games are limited and there aren't that many good ones available. Yet.

It makes sense, if you don't play online, to not get it until you find something you want (assuming you don't have a PS3/Vita)

Tempest3171397d ago

Free games are not the reason to get ps+(fpr ps4), theyre a perk of the get ps+ because it provides a service.

T21397d ago

ps4 games just got started, they aren't going to give infamous away right now... but you should know that plus subscribers get some pretty sweet sales as well, it's not just free games. when games like killzone start dropping on plus, then it will be fireworks...

but yeah if you want to hold off, that's your choice... i'm still playing on ps3 and ps4, tons of games to be had for all.

fermcr1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

"Free games are not the reason to get ps+(fpr ps4), theyre a perk of the get ps+ because it provides a service"

LOL. That's quite funny. You should add a /s at the end of your comment, to tell people you're being sarcastic.

Am_Ryder1397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

For me, Don't Starve and Outlast would be worth the entry alone. Both are EXCELLENT titles. As good as, if not better than many of PS4's retail releases.

I wasn't excited about Dead Nation at all- but even that's proving to be very good fun indeed. Especially co-op.

Also, the "loaned" argument is total facetious rubbish. You're not going to be playing the game for ever, probably only for a few weeks at most- in which time you will have gotten out of it everything you wanted for a dollar or two's payment.

If, years down the line, you felt like playing it again, then pay a couple more bucks and play it again.

The rental argument irritates me so much. You aren't going to spend the rest of your life playing a game every day, so you don't NEED to "own" it. As long as you get enough time to play to your heart's content.

calis1396d ago

The loaned argument is funny because I've never purchased a Vita game in my life yet, for $50AU, I have a massive backlog.

Tempest3171396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I wasnt being sarcastic...if all you have is a ps4 then you get ps+ to play online, not for free games. The ps4 library is tiny, its unrealistic to expect a lot of free AAA titles this early in the life cycle. If you dont play with friends then dont get ps+(unless you like indies) If you do play with friends, then you get ps+ and have the benefit of some extra games to play. Hence, a perk of the service. Ps3/vita? Totally different story, I would absolutely get ps+ just for the free titles every month.

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NukaCola1397d ago

I will never be able to play all the games I have with PS+ dumping all these awesome titles on me like this. I get most of the indi/psn titles played through, but I still have Darksiders, Brothers, and Outlast waiting...kust off the top of my head. I think there is like 15 more. It's incredible to be honest.

Wh15ky1396d ago

I'm really looking forward to pes 14 and moto gp but I might need to try sly too, this is the best ps+ month since I've joined (about 8 months ago).

3-4-51396d ago

can't wait for sly collection for Vita.

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AmkOwns1397d ago

Happy for this months contents, even though it might look weak to others. no complains here better then nothing :)

Palitera1397d ago

Here's hoping they don't let US+ standing so behind EU+ this gen.

Brazz1397d ago

well, considering that they probably want Ps4 to dominate X-1 in USA, dare say that Ps+ for Ps4 will have a very good future.

Sketchy_Galore1397d ago

This is great news to me as I never got around to Sly Cooper thieves in time. I was always a big Sly Cooper fan too I think I was just burned out on cartoony platformers when it came out then forgot to pick it up later.

BattleTorn1397d ago

Can anyone explain to me why certain regions get different games? (releases, not PS+)

Like why hasn't North America seen War Thunder yet?

The Meerkat1397d ago

It hasn't?
Wow that sucks.

War Thunder is good fun.

Maybe it's because it's made in Russia and they are now back to being the bad guys again. /s

fardan851397d ago

I think it's due to different reasons. Country regulations + publishers targeted region.

BattleTorn1397d ago

But won't publisher want to target as many regions as possible?

sell it to as many people who will buy it

fardan851397d ago (Edited 1397d ago )

They want to sell it to as many people as they can but sometimes they wont release it in specific region due to some reasons which we don't know about. Take OutLast on PS4. It didn't release in Arab region, I have an AE account and I can't find it anywhere on AE PSN.
We can only speculate, it might be anything from "No demand for this genre, low install base, Country regulations..etc"
I can bring lots of reasons but we wont be sure until the dev clarify the matter.

Edit: addressed to wrong person.

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