Next Batman game's Gotham City might look abandoned again

Remember how empty Gotham City looked in Arkham Origins and Arkham City? That's because other than criminals, there were hardly any people in the virtual metropolis. It might happen again in Batman: Arkham Knight. Here's why.

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CustardTrout1607d ago

Why do people live there anyway?

Somebody1606d ago

And why did the government just leave it to be infested with criminals like that? Gotham police is literally overwhelmed by organized criminals with brazen ambushes on patrols and attacks on police stations.

No backups, reinforcement from other states or even a small scale military intervention?

ShinMaster1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

[On topic]

This is what happens when people keep asking for the Batmobile without thinking of the consequences.

We can't drive freely without Batman potentially killing people by running them over.
So now we have, once again, an empty lifeless world map with nothing but thugs just standing around. There's no one to protect. No citizens going about their daily lives. All business closed.
"Is that some lady about to be mugged? Time to save... oh nevermind, just gotta intervene between some cops vs thugs altercation again"

erathaol1606d ago

People speculate that Gotham is actually cursed, the longer people live there the more they become part of the curse.

yezz1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Plot twist: Batman has organized it that way so the city can be his "playground". ;)

Heisenburger1605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


I'm with you there.

"There are two great tragedies in this world; Not getting what you want. And getting exactly that."

*I* would still be very excited for the next Batman game even if there was no Batmobile WITH the same lack of civilians. Though I like the idea of the batmobile, it's not really a killer feature for me. The environments that Rocksteady have created are the thought that gets me excited. That being said, the batmobile probably squashes my fantasy of a fully realized Gotham City, at least for the foreseeable future. So I guess I have to just sit back and know that they are more than capable of realizing their vision.

But the other part of me... I want it all!!!

*typographical error

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1606d ago
LackTrue4K1606d ago

rent, must be like 20 bucks a month....other then that, people without criminal records should not live there.

StraightPath1606d ago

Why do not they just use pedestrians like in Driver or other games where they jump out of the way. Remind me in LA Noire you could not also drive other cilivians.

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mikegotgame1607d ago

Good point! But it sure is a great open world for a game haha. Lots of bad guys to beat up.

urwifeminder1606d ago

Batmilk just stop please .

CrossingEden1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

A next gen only game that's been in development for three years and will be taking full advantage of next gen hardware by doing things that wouldn't be possible on last gen consoles is your idea of milking? ಠ_ಠ

Ol_G1606d ago

Yeah the batmobile going faster then 20mph was not possible on last gen they had to use the full capabilities of the hardware to make a car go fast in an open world game mmmhhh? Weren't there other games that did the same like gta last gen and past gen

Weakest excuse ever....

KwietStorm1606d ago

It's the end of a trilogy. So if that's milking, then ok whatever. But you won't have to cry anymore after October.

ironfist921606d ago

I feel like I need to mention George Clooney's Bat-Nipples here

DC7771606d ago

Once again guys it's the Batmobile's fault. Please understand...

Allsystemgamer1605d ago

How? Just program pedestrians to move out if the way. Bam problem solved.

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CyrusLemont1606d ago

There will probably be trapped civilians, but the trailer showed Gotham's citizens being evacuated so there's your explanation for the lack of normal people. However, Gameinformer already stated there can be up to 50 baddies on screen at once, so the city will be lively with crime. Don't forget the police officers as well! I don't really see the point of civilians bustling through the streets, it's not GTA so would they really contribute at all? I personally think it would hold back the gameplay more, especially when you want to run rampant with the batmobile. However, you'll probably have to free some civilians through predator maps inside buildings or something. No civilian is going to dare wander the streets.

These Batman games are situational, and I believe that's why they work so well. It just wouldn't work as well with a normal functioning Gotham city. Too many restrictions. We sort of saw that in Arkham Origins, because they treated the city in a normal manner, it felt off not seeing anyone. At least here in Arkham Knight, the entire story and world is situated around the fact that Scarecrow plans on bombing the city with fear gas.

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ShinMaster1606d ago

" I don't really see the point of civilians bustling through the streets, it's not GTA "

You're right, it's not. It's a Batman game. And in pretty much every Batman incarnation in every other medium, there are citizens. People for him to protect.

CyrusLemont1606d ago

Yes, but in every other medium, the creators completely control the narrative and Batman's actions throughout the world. Putting the player in control means having to limit certain aspects to maintain atmosphere, immersion and of course gameplay. They do this by giving story driven world limits from the get go.

Although you won't see civilians running around on the streets, you'll likely see the occasional crime in progress occurring, or gangs beating up on people who couldn't get out in time. Plus thugs are more dynamic and do a variety of things, like graffiti, looting, breaking into cars and chasing you etc.

I think the way it's structured makes perfect sense as it's promoting interaction and fighting with gameplay, while the story balances it out with narrative and observation. Trying to blend them would probably end up having to be linear. I would rather a dense open world with freedom and lots of things to do. Especially being a Batman game.

I really don't think it will be that big a deal when you start playing, get in that Batmobile and fly through the streets with thugs flipping out. Have faith in Rocksteady!

ShinMaster1604d ago

Yeah but I'm just saying that things like thugs looting and breaking into cars would be more meaningful if there was a victim attached to these. A store or car owner, for example.
A bomb threat isn't all that threatening with no civilians at risk. But I guess I'll have to see how that plays out.

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